Starting your own company can be a risky business with numerous challenges to overcome but none are more important than finding the ideal location. To help budding entrepreneurs Viking decided to consider the location of top ranking UK Start Ups over the last 3 years to see which city holds the best opportunities and which industries are thriving for entrepreneurs.

​Even with the current uncertainty on its economic future following the Brexit vote, London is still the city of opportunity for UK entrepreneurs with a huge 68% of Start-Ups residing within the capital. Shoreditch appears to be the heart of entrepreneurship with an amazing 16 of the Start-Up stars setting up shop within 500 meters of each other! 

The rest of the country is not without their own success stories however with Birmingham and Cardiff housing 5 of the top performers each and Chelmsford bringing 3 to the table.

Industry success has been dominated by Tech, Food and Retail whilst Recruitment, Travel and Legal have struggled giving a strong indication of where budding business moguls should be focusing their efforts.