Music has a big impact on our personality, our mood and our choice of clothing. We’re definitely influenced by the tunes we listen to. Whether it be pop, rap, RnB, rock, jazz, classical or dance – fashion and music go hand in hand.

Music fans often try and recreate looks and styles that they have seen on their fave artists and below are five fashion items that the biggest names in the music industry have immortalised.

Flannel shirts – Kurt Cobain

Most trendsetters don’t intend to start trends – they’re usually just expressing themselves as a person. Grunge music legend Kurt Cobain was no different. He unintentionally ending up changing the style of many – with just a flannel shirt, messy hair and a cardigan. Nobody before (or after) him has made this combination look so effortlessly cool. His personal style definitely matched the approach he had towards his music.

Circle glasses – John Lennon

John Lennon – famous of course for his ingenious singing and song writing abilities for the Beatles and as a solo artist – was also known for his cool way of dressing and in particular his circle glasses. These unusual specs are still, to this day, worn as a fashion statement by many.

Lust for leather – Joan Jett

Joan Jett showed women that they could rock just as hard as the guys – as she embraced full on leather, studs, safety pins and lots of black. She didn’t just go for the usual rocker style though, as she mixed her looks with a little glamour too including sequins and heavy makeup – all of which complemented her rebellious but feminine vibes. Her edgy style has been adapted since – usually with people donning the classic converse and leather jacket combo, with big hair.

The parka – Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher lives, eats and breathes in his Parka jacket and has admitted that he even wears it whilst gardening. It has been the biggest element of his iconic style for as long as everyone can remember. Looked up to and loved by so many people from all around the world, you can only imagine how popular this particular clothing item had become over the years. Wanna look like Liam? There’s plenty of men’s winter jackets – we’re loving Superdry’s range this season – out there to choose from in this style.

Retro, bow ties and suspenders – Andre 3000

Andre’s biggest contribution to fashion was the way he pushed the boundaries with stranger clothing choices but never lost his street style. He was the perfect example for that urban look mixed with the country club. Whilst some were sporting bandanas and flashing grills, Andre was embracing bow ties and suspenders. It’s the wardrobe that the likes of today’s hip-hop stars such as Pharrell Williams, Kanye and Kid Cudi continue to wear.

Music and fashion will always be inseparable and like any creative industry they will always find some innovative ways to keep surviving. What looks have you taken on from your favourite artists?