The modern world has changed a lot and nowadays it is possible to see a lot of women, who were able to build their careers in tech.  Women choose not only such professions as teachers, nurses, actresses, they become the real CEO, CFO and CTO. Women try a lot of activities that were typical for men in the past, for example they are fond of gambling and reach really great results. If you wish, you can try the best casino.

Ladies occupy the leading positions, for about 39 percent of Companies that operate in the UK, said that they have one or more female directors. About 35 percent of American companies answered that they have one or even more female directors and the highest rate of female directors is in China, about sixty percent of companies have women directors.

The gender gap in the world of technologies is disappearing nowadays. Ladies are more responsible, if to speak about their duties. For about 80% of men think that their companies spend enough time on fulfilling different working tasks, 40% of ladies who were asked the same question, answered that their companies don’t work enough.

Jobs in tech sphere can be creative and really interesting, women can do everything starting from writing content for various sites, finding the right images to printing different orders.

Statistics say that about 28 % of software jobs are occupied by women, about 25 % of women work in IT sphere, 5 % of ladies are owners of Tech-start ups.

It is a mistaken opinion that to start a career in tech, it is necessary to have a degree in this sphere. There are many examples, when women were able to occupy leading positions, without necessary education. The best way to acquire knowledge is to practice and to be thrown into the tech environment.

Number of women in tech is constantly growing and China has the leading position and companies plan to hire more women in the future. Women should not be afraid to work in the tech sphere. There are a lot of successful ladies, who shared some secrets of working in tech.

Tips for ladies who plan to work in tech sphere


It is very important to be confident if you wish to build your career in tech. The majority of specialists are men and you will have to prove that you are one of them and know as much as they.

Be ready to work more than 37 hours every week

If you have serious plans to work in tech sphere than be ready to work more than 37 hours a week. You will have to check emails and to answer calls even after your scheduled working day.

Be always brave

Being the only woman in the company is really responsible. So try to be brave and it will help you to reach success in business.

Don’t be afraid to get new roles and to live by modern patterns, choose a career path you wish.

Be open to new ideas

If you wish to work in tech sphere, it is really important to develop all the time and to be aware of new trends and ideas.  Don’t stop learning and developing, it is a key to success in any kind of career.