With the digital age in full swing and multiple technology companies progressing extremely quickly, the demand for graduates with high-end technology majors is rapidly growing. With that in mind, we have decided to compile five of the most valued degrees within the tech industry to ensure you study a course that will be highly respected.

  1. Computer Science

Do you like working with computers? Do you enjoy math science and engineering? If so, then you may be interested in studying a degree in computer science & engineering! This course is a well- rounded program that is able to take you on a number of different tech career paths.

The average median pay for those starting out in their careers with a computer science and engineering degree is $69,100 per year. Once people with this degree hit the middle of their careers, the average yearly pay jumps to $115,000 per year, therefore, the time and money spent at university is definitely worth it!

  1. Information Technology Management

IT managers supervise information technology departments, ensuring all systems are running smoothly. Students who major in this degree can earn a higher-than-average salary after graduation. Of course, the salary will depend on the employer and your overall experience level, but in general, with an average annual salary of $123,081 professionals will earn more than those with only a bachelor’s degree!

  1. Software engineering

Software engineering majors learn to develop and test computer software and systems, and with the digital age continuing to progress, there is sure to be no shortage of these roles available. Most software engineers specialize in either systems or applications, with those who opt to work with systems earing slightly more than those working with applications.

  1. Web development

Web development jobs are forecasted to grow 27% by 2024, making it a highly valued role within the tech industry. Although a degree for this role isn’t always required, most employers prefer to see some type of education or proof of expertise in this field of work.

 5. Database administration

Students who major in database admin ensure database systems are organised, working properly and secure. With more and more business operations being saved on an online database, ensuring all personal information, business data and figures are secure is vital for all companies. Therefore, the demand for people with this specific degree is very high and is set to rise even further. In regards to the earnings of people in this role, the average annual salary is $92,151. However, this figure will vary depending on the industry you are working in. Majors working in computer systems design and similar industries tend to earn the most.

To conclude, the tech industry is set to grow and progress a lot over the coming years. Using university comparisons sites to ensure you study the right course at the most prestigious university will guarantee that once you have graduated, you will be able to pursue a successful career.