Adriano Braga de Moraes lives and works in Goiânia, has a degree in Visual Arts and currently investigates subjective issues in a process directly related to the body and its meanings. His research proposes a reflection of contemporary issues, concerning life and death, ephemerality, vanity and narcissism. It also discusses intimacy and subjectivity in a current context, based on a logic of consumption. His research is of free creation in performance and of experimental scope, in a process that is much more extensive than presented here via portfolio; and joins photography and video by photographer Junior Ribeiro with whom he performs all the documentation and registration. Through elements of the forum of his daily life, as a mirror, and bean grains brings a process directly linked to life and its meanings. The driving thread through which most of the production takes place is imbricated with questions that pervade daily life, just as we have said before.