1. Love is in the air
Seriously, being single at Christmas is the best season to meet and get cosy with other singletons. There’s lots of festive fun to be had as well as plenty of party invitations. However, if you’re too busy with friends to search for a date, download Huggle. This dating app matches you to people who go to the same places as you. Pretty useful if you forget to take someone’s number. Yes, just blame the wine…
2. Save money
And we don’t just mean spending presents on your loved one; it’s all the train tickets, outfits and bottles of wine you have to buy, that come with dating someone. Luckily being single means a little bit more money in the bank account. BOOM!
3. You get to do exactly what you want to do
Want to eat all the Quality street to yourself? You can. Want to get tipsy on Mulled wine all day? You can. Want to stay in your PJ’s? You can. There’s no one to answer to when you’re single, so enjoy it whilst it lasts. 
4. You can avoid any family drama/awkward situations
Family politics, especially when they’re not your own family, can be incredibly draining. Can you remember when you first met your date’s aunt who kept calling you the wrong name? Yeah, that was awkward wasn’t it. Well now you don’t have to put up with that. Now you can chill on your own or with your loved ones, only to worry about your drama. Phew!
5. You can spend NYE with your friends
Long gone are the days of worrying who you were going to spend NYE with. Now you can just think about what you want to do and the people who you want to spend it with.
6. You can slob around
If you would rather not move from your bed all Christmas, then you can. There’s no pressure to shower or look good when you’re single. Enjoy the luxury of being a slob and not giving a monkeys!
7. You can party until you drop
The beauty of being single is you can party all night long and go home whenever you like. You don’t have to wait for your date or text them when you’re coming home. It’s your call when the party stops.
8. People will feel sorry for you and will buy you more stuff
Trust us on this one. People will be extra giving because they feel sorry for you but the truth is you’ll be having the time of your life!
Looking for someone to kiss under the mistletoe? Download Huggle