Christmas is such a busy time for many of us, what with organising where and what we are going to eat on the day and then deciding what we are going to buy for our loved ones, there simply doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to make sure everything is as we would like it to be.

Personally, choosing gifts for a friend or a relative is one of my favourite things about Christmas, and that feeling of being able to find ‘the perfect gift’ with a limited budget can be difficult, especially when it comes to buying something special for both my dad and father in law.

One thing I have learned is don’t let this be the season to panic buy, as there are some great gifts out there to suit the older man (or men) in your life!

If you have around £80 to spend then you could do far worse than to buy the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in its little form. This dinky console includes 22 of the all-time classics which includes the ever-popular Super Mario World, Mario Cars and also the previously unreleased Star Fox 2.

Of course, if you have a bigger spending budget the the Nintendo Switch at £280 is a fantastic Christmas Present.  The Switch lies halfway between a portable device and a home console, and has received rave reviews.

If your male to buy for is not a gamer then maybe you could buy the whole Game of Thrones Series, either to begin watching it just when everyone else has finished, or to re-view and oggle The Mother of Dragons again.

For the style conscious you could think about buying them a really great hat from a store like Bates of Jermyn Street who make real hats for real men and don’t make them look like they have excaped from a scene from Oliver.

Yet, not all of us have a massive budget to spend and need to really think about what to offer our men over Christmas time, and hopefully whatever choices we make they will be the right ones.

After I finish buying I like to share what I have thought about with my friends and other family online and I do this by logging into my favourite bingo site, Swanky Bingo. I found this site after it was recommended by a friend from work, and now I use it to enjoy some great laughs and make new friends, and of course I enjoy my games too!

When I joined I was really surprised on how varied the other players were, not only in lifestyle but also in age and now I have friends from all over, and in all age brackets which is especially funny when talking about the worst Christmas gifts that have been given over the years.

No matter what you choose to buy for your significant older male in your family, remember, if that choice is a considered one then they are going to love it!