Serviced offices are becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. As opposed to a traditional rental contract, a serviced office is equipped and managed by a facility management company. For many organisations, this provides reliability and convenience benefits that simply aren’t possible with traditional rental leases. We’ve listed five reasons below why your business should consider opting for a serviced office.

Flexibility and freedom

Traditional rental contracts usually last for a minimum period of one year, locking businesses in even though they can’t be sure if their new location is going to work out. With serviced office leases, however, short-term deals are much more common. Businesses can opt for something as small as a one-month deal, for example, but have the flexibility to extend their stay if they need to.

Recent surveys indicate that as many as four in ten businesses fail within the space of five years. When things aren’t going well, the last thing an organisation needs is being locked into a lengthy rental contract. With serviced office agreements, businesses can up sticks to explore new market opportunities without being burdened by long-term fees.

You get what you pay for

Serviced offices also incorporate a number of additional facilities and services that tenants can hire on a pay-as-you-use basis. This could be a conference room, for example, or an event space. The key difference with traditional offices, is that these facilities are not being left underutilised. By paying for them on an hourly basis, you only get charged for what your use.

What’s more, many service offices will include a number of services within your monthly bill. Serviced office options from LEO, for example, include complimentary tea and coffee, air conditioning, a professional reception team and inclusive secure Wi-Fi.

Ready to go

Moving office or setting one up for the first time can be stressful. There is a huge administrative burden to undertake in order to make sure that your new premises is ready when it’s supposed to be. With serviced offices, however, this is not an issue. The building, facilities and services will be ready to go as soon as you are, meaning you won’t have to explain any unwanted downtime to your customers or clients.

A great testing ground

Exploring new markets requires investment and it also involves risk. There is no guarantee that your product or service will be adopted by the new customer base, no matter how much market research you’ve conducted. Signing a short-term contract on a serviced office lets your business see first-hand how a new market is going to react, making it a great way to test your expansion plans.

Quality as standard

Serviced offices take maintenance very seriously. Due to the nature of the short-term contracts, they must adhere to very highest standards of service or risk companies taking their operations elsewhere. In a competitive market, serviced offices must continually update their facilities and offer new incentives to businesses. That’s why they are often maintained to a higher standard than traditional office rentals.