We are not going to lecture you about how important the good night sleep is, but we do want to enlighten you about how the tech is changing our lives in the bedroom. You might have seen these funky ZEEQ Smart Pillows that play tunes in order to help you to fall asleep – we definitely want one!:), but now the company is bringing even more advanced mattress to the market at is awesome !

REM-Fit  takes the engineering of mattresses to another level. Everything is made to comfort you when you are counting the sheep. The heat from your body causes the foam to mould to your body providing support, distributing your weight and minimising pressure points. Due to the foam nature of the product, the REM Fit mattresses are also very good at motion isolation and noise reduction. So, in general, you won’t bother your partner too much when you move around.

There are some issues related to memory foam, though. The main problem being the fact your heat affects the foam means it is also retained in the foam, can make it very warm in bed, and not ideal for people that suffer from being too hot. In regards to the Rem Fit Sleep 400, they have addressed this issue by using a gel-infused foam adapts to your body’s temperature dissipating the heat for a cooler night sleep.

Lucky we, we had a chance to test it – and maybe we are not super objective but we must say it is brilliant. After spending one night on it we can tell you it is definitely one of the best night sleeps we ever had.

It seems that customers of the cool gel mattress agree with us. Here is another review by one the fans of the mattress, Gillian:

“Sleeping hot was not why I bought the mattress. I’d already trialled x4 100 day mattresses and was ready to give up hope. I’d previously owned a £1k Hypnos mattress too. Nothing gave me comfort, I’d always wake in pain and stiff every morning until Rem Fit. I think you’re selling yourself short just focusing on the sleeping hot, this mattress does wayyy more. No more aches and pain. Not to hard, not to soft….I feel like Goldilocks….it’s just right. Thank you rem fit. My sleep is amazing and my back pain and aches are gone. Pillows are awesome too!! Could not recommend enough. This is 100% the mattress to buy. Best customer service and least hassle I’ve had. Thank you thank you thank you!”

It is worth mentioning, that REM-Fit mattress is delivered in a box far smaller than a mattress of any size. It kind of took us by surprise, as we were expecting much bigger package,  so once it is unpacked from the box you can just throw it on your shoulder and take it to the bedroom. You then open it up with the included device and let it expand, and this results in a nice plump mattress.

Unlike a spring mattress with all sorts of components, a foam mattress has 2 or 3 layers of foam, all of which can be compressed and rolled up into a reasonably small and lightweight package for distribution.

Priced at £699 for a king size with free next day delivery, a 100-night trial, a sleep monitor and two free pillows, this seems like a pretty good deal to me.

You can buy the mattress and sleep tracker today from the Rem Fit Website.

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