Any artist out there knows that understanding exactly what a client wants is never easy, but it’s especially difficult when the client doesn’t know what they want either! Vague instructions and unhelpful feedback are more likely what you’ll hear, rather than direct guidelines. Instead of getting angry about it all, Irish graphic designers Paddy Treacy and Mark Shanley decided to make artwork out of all the (unintentionally) funny comments they’ve received from clients. The two have been designing posters that are incredible in their own right, so it makes you wonder how anyone could doubt their skills!

By merely printing posters from a place not unlike what you’d find here, Treacy and Shanley put on an exhibition at The Little Green Café in Dublin, and all proceeds from the A3 posters that were purchased during the event were given to the Temple Street Children’s Hospital. So, not just artistic, but altruistic as well.

Since then, Treacy and Shanley have created a website called Sharp Suits and have uploaded all kinds of amusing and interesting pieces of artwork that are completely based on client feedback. Here are a few of the best.snow

Make snow warmer? So that it becomes icy water? We feel like snow should look anything but warm.


So, basically everyone in the entire world? Now we really want to know what product or service that could be for.

theme park

They do? We’re not actually sure what ‘dipperability’ is, but all we know is that we want it now.


We were always told never to play with our food, so this idea of a very playful sandwich doesn’t put us at ease.


Those percentages are oddly specific. The idea that you can measure fun really takes the fun out of it.


Yes, but kids’ slang changes all the time, so what’s cool now might not even be cool in a few months. We wonder if ‘groovy’ will ever come back into fashion.


We’re sorry, but only Kim Kardashian can do that. Plus, if you set out to break the internet, chances are you probably won’t.


It’s always hard to tell, isn’t it? If only there was some sort of app that could translate things and we could know for sure what language it is.


That’s very dicey territory you’re getting into there! “Don’t copy it, but just make it exactly the same, but also, be sure not to make it look like the thing we want it to look like, but you know, also make it look similar. Got it?” No.


Why not just shout out the entire advert? What’s so special about the last line?

As you can see, many clients never know exactly how to give instructions to artists, but at least the artists themselves know how to make light out of the situation. Be sure to check out our previous article on alternative movie posters if you’re still in the mood for print-based masterpieces.

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