The dreamers who go out and start their own businesses might be teased for having their heads in the clouds, but they’re the people who have big ideas and the passion and determination to make them a reality. There is a name for displaying a distinctive set of behavioural traits like this: a personality.

As it turns out, there are five personality types which are particularly suited to achieving successful, high-valued positions in business, as identified by the infographic below by Sage. However, rather than filling your workforce full of Elon Musk clones, it is more important to find a balance among your staff. By understanding the different types, you can establish a strong and efficient team to drive your business.

The Myers-Briggs personality test

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) determines your preferences for four trait categories. Are you introverted (I) or extraverted (E)? Are you a detail-orientated person (N) or do you focus on the here and now (S)? Do you value facts and objectivity (T) over empathy and wellbeing (F)? And are you organised and time-focused (J) or do you like to go with the flow (P)?

These letters combine to form one of sixteen different personality descriptions, e.g. ISFP, giving an indication of how you prefer to make decisions, work and your likely ambitions. In other words, they’re a great way of figuring out who might work well with your team.

“Most likely to succeed in business”

If you’re the owner of a start-up, there’s a good chance you are an ENTP. ENTPs are easy to spot because they’re usually extremely excited about their latest idea. Alas, ENTPs have a tendency to have so many ideas that they often struggle to see them through to the end.

To help with this, ESTJs provide structure and stability to your projects. They are ideal for management roles and flourish when whipping a disorderly team into shape. However, they are driven by short-term success, so you’ll need an INTJ to keep the big picture in mind and keep the project on track.

Still, INTJs, although logical and organised, often don’t work well with others. This is where the ENTJ shines, often reaching the heights of CEO. They are born leaders, enjoy taking charge (sometimes without invitation) and favour quick decision making.

ENTJs will most likely clash with ISTJs, the latter being incredibly detail-orientated and a real stickler for the rules. Yet, it is the ISTJ that will ensure your business doesn’t plow ahead so quickly as to miss obscure details or commitments.

Finding the right balance

While these personality types are those most likely to achieve success at an individual level, entrepreneurs should focus on finding a suitable balance in their teams. For instance, all of these personality types are thinkers, but adding a few feeling-types to your workforce will help create a friendlier workplace and boost productive and thoughtful communication.

So, take some time to understand the benefits of each personality type and how they complement one another. Then, when you are ready to grow your team, avoid the temptation to hire only those individuals more likely to succeed, but those that will bring harmony and new insights.