Fine art photographer and master retoucher Daniel Sanchez captures angelic grace in his collection Divine Consciousness. A man with gorgeous white wings is featured in the photos, looking the part of an angel with his pure white sheet to clothe him.

The angel poses in elegant positions, sometimes risen above and sometimes brought down to earth. This collection shows the struggle of the angel, and the beauty transcending earth. It is with the presence of the angel that the earth around him comes vibrantly to life with detail and texture.

Sanchez says he harnesses negative energy to express it creatively. Photographs and digital painting create the surreal art you see in Divine Consciousness. “I truly believe we are spiritual beings, having a human experience,” stated Sanchez.0c234fe9dd58164b05447e49920004fa450f54514b3a5a00b0a3cb8e1ad20b6549ca008fdec748cc1149039b9331feb48a2b79031e3864d4a5d318341a4c689eab72612178bda20d4bedb88c976acccc