We all love to see our priceless bodies in great shape any day. Regardless of the health effect of being overweight, the average person loves to look sharp and stylish. Most times, we get the inquisitive feeling when we see our favourite celebrity staying shape for over a decade. And we ask ourselves what’s the secret? Being overweight is a burden; for the body and mind. It comes with physical and psychological liability that could be much for a person to bear. It leads to depression and low self-esteem.

Being in great shape cannot be wished for nor gotten with a magic wand. It requires discipline and focus. Starting fitness and wellbeing journey for many might be easy, but staying fit afterwards is the problem. Starting your fitness journey to be in great shape requires a plan and continuous assessment. So, for you to start your fitness to have that dream athletic body you’ve always wished for, here are six tips to assist you.

Set Goals for Yourself

Any activity that aids our personal growth and productivity requires targeted goals. You shouldn’t be seen at a swimming club today, later with the ladies practicing yoga tomorrow. Having clearly defined goals or objectives will help you achieve your desire rather than hopping around in vain. With defined goals, you work on your eating habit and hours of sleep each day as examples.

Having a Plan is Crucial 

You can help yourself with a timetable, it doesn’t have to be lengthy. Since you are not getting in shape for the Olympics. Together with your trainers, you can choose workouts that suit your lifestyle. Trainers are experts who can use your suggestion and ability to know what’s good for you. You shouldn’t be jogging out in the cold because your neighbour is. Have a plan and stick to it religiously.

There is Strength in Numbers

In life, when we have the right people to help us through life, things become easy.  Also, having the right partner or friend will go a long way in making the journey effortless. They inspire, encourage and push us not to quit when we are losing steam. Finding the right partner or friend will help stay on track and keep focus while they join our fitness journey.

Joining the Right Team or Club

Getting in shape and staying fit requires a lot. Being in the right team is part of it. Along the way, if we try getting in shape alone, we might get weary and lose motivation. Fitness requires continuous workout and dedication which might be too hard to cope with when alone. When in a team or club, they support, advice and encourage you even at no cost. Joining the right team will hasten and shorten the journey, it’s a win-win for everyone.

It’s All About You

Furthermore, planning to get in shape and stay fit isn’t a joke. However, your personality and your view about life shouldn’t be changed overnight just to fit into another person’s world. Your fitness journey should be about doing what you love not forced on you. Let me burst your bubble. Did you know dancing is an effective form of exercise? If you love to dance, you can dance your way to fitness. Don’t try to copy or envy the next person beside you, because everyone’s journey is different. Don’t do what you hate, follow your heart.

Be Truthful to Yourself

Being truthful to yourself means you understand your limitations and abilities while embarking on this journey. You aren’t going too hard within short time nor slowing down when you need to gather more energy. Sticking to your resolutions and plans every day along the way. Cutting down on high-calorie meals and sugar and being active day after day.

Remember, it’s a journey, getting in shape won’t happen overnight nor staying fit.