We tend building our lives in accordance with something that inspires us, but that not always a way to success. With thousands of romance novels sold every week, their popularity is beyond doubt, and there is no problem with them if you take them as fiction, which is meant for entertainment. While detective novels are rarely used as a manual for a perfect murder, romance books are considered to be manuals for a perfect relationship or marriage by some readers. Trying to follow the patterns of the main characters can be quite dangerous. Let’s check out why with datingladies.com

They Give You an Unrealistic Portrayal of People

Aside from certain examples, most of the romance novels are all about people falling madly in love with each other, which is manifested by having sex in every possible place, from bedroom to kitchen, from laundry room to washing machines, with all the sexcapades going extremely smooth. The protagonists of those novels are rarely well-developed characters, and the dialogues are extremely poor. Of course, you can take it as a sheer entertainment, but when you are getting sucked in too deep in those books, you may start acting as one of those cardboard characters, which reduces your opportunities of finding a right partner. And the sexcapades are never that smooth in real life, as they are in the romance novels.

They Give You Unrealistic View on Relationship and Marriage

There are romance books that keep it as simple as possible, while others try too hard to develop the plot. While the first ones give you an opportunity to ad-lib something, the second type of romance books are full of characters that make absolutely ridiculous decisions, which may force you into following those patterns. We tend to make stupid decisions on our own, so we don’t need some extra inspirations for it. But when we read about a girl who marries a man that she doesn’t love, just to make the man she loves jealous, we can’t help but think of doing the same. The main problem is that the outcome in romance novels is always positive for everybody, while in reality all three would be left with broken hearts.

They Lead to a Complete Dissatisfaction with Reality

You want your life to be a fairy tale so much, and you think that if you follow the patterns of your favourite characters, you would have the same result. Still, our life has a different story for each and every one of us, and what works fine for one person, may never work for another. When you want your life to follow the plot of your favourite romance book, you are most likely to get dissatisfied with your life, which always spoils the plot you are trying to follow with unexpected twists and turns that haven’t been published yet.

You can read as much romance books as you want. The main thing is being able to understand that those books have nothing to do with the reality, and your life. You and your life are absolutely fine, as long as you take fiction as fiction, and not as a manual for your lifestyle.