A lot of people reading this will already fully understand and have experienced augmented reality in some way, shape or form; but for those who haven’t, it is basically an indirect view of a real life environment where the elements of it have been augmented digitally. When it comes to augmented reality (AR) and gaming many will have played Niantic’s Pokemon GO, which is a perfect example of one how AR works; and just how enjoyable it is and can become in the future.

Some may confuse AR with virtual reality but while virtual reality got off to a slow start when it was introduced, things are looking up now. On the other hand, augmented reality instantly became a hit with gamers and they were left wanting more. In fact, Niantic, the creators of the Pokemon Go app, have been pioneers in this field having released a sci-fi AR game called Ingress back in 2012. This was also a hugely popular title with players who would tussle for territory in the augmented reality world in which they were playing.

So there are already game makers such as Niantic already producing more AR content and others following suit. It has already been confirmed that we can expect a Harry Potter AR game in 2018. So that pundits and fans are expecting this latest technology trend is literally going to change gaming. This is mostly because it puts a whole different spin on gaming. It makes the environment the actual gaming area, meaning that the possibilities literally are limitless. It also makes things a whole lot more fun and encourages more multiplayer action, which is a popular trend in its own right too.

We’ve even seen leading smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung design and release their latest flagship devices with augmented reality in mind. The iPhone X, the latest premium device to hit the stores from Apple, are geared up for augmented reality and everything that comes with it. The phone cameras, front and back, are calibrated for AR and the motion tracking is more accurate due to there being a new gyroscope and accelerometer. The cameras are also designed to video at 60 FPS even in low-light which will bring about an unravelled AR experience, wherever the user may be.

If content creators and smartphone manufacturers are already going the whole hog when it comes to augmented reality, its capabilities and what it could bring in the future, it means they’re certain that the technology will take off and transform gaming, with a huge demand set to ensure in the not too distant future. If another game such as Pokemon Go hits, it will once again see AR take the whole world by storm, attracting millions to play.

Other types of games and industries are sure to take notice of AR and how popular it is quickly becoming too. It’s often been said that mobile and online casinos are always looking at ways they can give players even better experiences when playing games and they too could incorporate augmented reality into their thinking. As a result, the market has already seen game developers incorporating this technology in slots machines. Therefore, online casino players should expect to see more and more established online casino brands like Unibet getting involved with AR sooner rather than later.

There is no doubt that Augmented Reality is set to have a major influence in 2018, and the gaming industry is very much ready to embrace every single bit of it.