It’s no secret that London’s hip, young urbanites have long revelled in the joy of finding a stylish new element to complete a great look. Though some trends have come and gone in a flash, the classic glamour of vintage styles remains. What’s the basis for this incredible staying power, and what are the items most revered by these style-hunters looking back to times of yore? Here we look at some of the most sought-after pieces and see how you might be able to snap up a deal for yourself.

Band & Concert T-Shirts

We’ve previously looked at the extent to which music has changed and influenced fashion throughout the ages, and this reverberates strongly in a number of items of vintage clothing. The most archetypal of them all must surely be the classic band or concert t-shirt. Worn by devotees across the world, a band t-shirt is a sign of love and allegiance to your favourite group or artist, and managing to find an original tee from an early gig is a huge deal. From the Stones in ’62 to The Libertines in ’02, everyone has a moment in history they will forever cherish or wish they’d witnessed.


Vintage luggage is unbelievably impractical, but it just looks so good. From enormous studded trunks to supple Gladstone bags, you can’t help but be the envy of the town when carrying a one-off case. While in recent years the classic brown Louis Vuitton sets have made a popular comeback, there is a perennial appeal for all kinds of cases in good condition. From small weekenders to enormous chests used as interior furnishings, there are myriad uses for all of the stunning luggage items out there.

Jewellery & Watches

Costume jewellery and elegant watches are the name of the game when it comes to vintage accessory shopping. We think enormous flashy earrings in faux crystal complement oversize rings and pearl bracelets, and span the entire style breadth of the last few centuries. As many of these styles have passed back into fashion you can often find great modern interpretations, often with safer and more comfortable fastenings. Similarly, vintage watches ooze modest style and appeal for both sexes, although the older models do need to stay manually wound. Many of these previously-worn Patek Philippe models offer a winning combination of modern utility with vintage style.

Dutch Bikes

Whether it’s on account of growing environmental awareness or just a love of the outdoors, biking has become everyone’s new favourite way of getting around. While fixies have long had their moment, the classic Dutch bike is riding its way back into fashion. With big comfortable saddles and broad handlebars, sitting astride this kind of bicycle is akin to getting snug in an armchair, so it makes perfect sense that we are all clamouring to get on board. They come with ample practicality too: that broad front is perfect for strapping a basket onto or even securing a crate. Like this, you can zip about town easily transporting your groceries or evening party supplies.

Vinyl Records

What could be more emblematic of the pre-digital era than old vinyl LPs? Over the past few years, there has been an unprecedented surge in record sales not seen since the early nineties. Whether for the appreciation of the cover art or the love of listening to non-compressed audio, there’s no doubt that buying and listening to vinyl records is cool once more. With the number of record stores beginning to flourish, it shouldn’t be hard to jump on this bandwagon.