Being Irish is one of the best things life could offer anyone because they are unique people with distinctive traits. Making it easier most times to spot an Irish person anywhere. In London or other parts of the UK, Irish people stand out, be it intentionally or accidentally. Though generalising an entire race might not be precise, but some traits occur randomly.

Happily, being Irish in a cosmopolitan city like London is fascinating, and this is usually overlooked by people around. There are things, occasions or conditions that favour an Irish person even though it’s the weather.

In this piece, we would love to highlight five best things about being Irish in London.

Unique Irish accent

Firstly, the unique Irish accent. The Irish accent is regarded as one of the sexiest in the world. It’s surprising that people cherish this accent and are willing to pay and learn. These could be attributed to the speed when speaking, the “hai” when completing a sentence or the shortening of words when having a conversation.

The weather

Secondly is adapting to the weather. An Irish nationality finds the weather utterly different to what’s available in London. One of the best thing being Irish is battling the summer weather in London when others are wearing lighter clothing due to intense heat.  Since it’s colder in Ireland at the same time of the year, Irish sweat profusely.


Thirdly, enjoying your favorite drink. Being in London doesn’t stop an average Irish person from enjoying their chilled beer. Sunday drinking is common in London where Irish people hang out at the local pub.

Red hair gene

Number four is the red hair gene. Being Irish is quite astonishing when you are identified with your hair. Irish naturally are red-haired most especially the female irrespective of the age. This is unique in London where diverse races are located. The next red-haired person you will meet might be Irish.

Irish Lottery

Lastly, we have the Irish Lottery. People from Ireland are adventurers and fun seekers any day. Enjoying lottery has never been better and the best thing is that Irish lottery rules are almost the same as the British ones.