In a cultured city like London where everyone is more concerned about being productive, people mind their businesses fulltime. It sometimes leaves no time for chit-chats and brief gatherings. Sometimes, when we are bored, we turn to the internet to kill time. It could be used to learn something new, for laughs or perhaps an eye opener to what we’ve been missing for a while.

Thankfully, the internet is at our fingertips, and we have unfettered access to tons of information. Killing time for a few people might still be challenging, so we are suggesting a few ways to “murder” time for you.


It’s unarguable that Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the world with millions of members.  If you think Facebook is annoying, please change that thought. If you have real friends and do get relevant news feeds daily, and videos be rest assured to get hooked. Facebook now have online games, cool chatting features and other exciting stuff you’ve never explored. Take your time to explore them, and you will be wowed.


Youtube is the ultimate killer of time I believe. You can never be bored on Youtube unless you aren’t there to kill time. To exhaust the videos on Youtube, it will take you ten decades. So your free time is long gone already. From the How to Videos, Tedtalks, Pranks to Fails and Comedy Skits, you will be served hot. Trust me; only a few people don’t get consumed on Youtube because there’s something for everyone always.


Learn DIY stuff- killing time online might not be all comedy and laughter, we can do more out of boredom. Many fascinating websites offer free tutorials and tips that requires no subscription nor membership for you to enjoy. You have unlimited access to videos and instructions that cannot be exhausted whether you would love to fix your dishwasher yourself or probably your door alarm system. Sites like eHow, wikiHow serves this purpose any day. You will be thrilled with what’s there to know in few hours.


Lastly, playing online casino games. Killing time could still fetch you cool cash provided you have the right information. Boredom can earn you easy money right where you are seated. Playing online live casino Codeta games is a verified  and is easier than ever before. Many do find online casino games safer where they take a calculated risk using their ability compare to sports betting which is unpredictable. Covering all major games, like Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat there’s no difference playing Codeta live and walking into a casino.