Photographer Anne Geier is passionate about man’s best friend. Starting with her own pup Cindy, she continued photographing dogs. She greatly captures the attitudes and personalities of the animals.


Her photos of the dogs will make you want to get your own pets done. From bulldogs to chocolate labs, the dogs are set in nature to capture their character. The lighting and beautiful scenery perfectly connect in the portraits. Whether regal, playful or loving, it’s no wonder why they’re our best friends.


GeierSoulfulDog1GeierSoulfulDog11GeierSoulfulDog13GeierSoulfulDog14GeierSoulfulDog15  GeierSoulfulDog17GeierSoulfulDog19GeierSoulfulDog2GeierSoulfulDog20GeierSoulfulDog21GeierSoulfulDog22GeierSoulfulDog3GeierSoulfulDog4GeierSoulfulDog5  GeierSoulfulDog7GeierSoulfulDog8GeierSoulfulDog9

All photographs by Anne Geier: