Most people who go in for any kind of sports or consider their diet in order to stay healthy have noticed that attention to raw organic protein powders has increased. Those who consumes additional proteins being an athlete are usually aware of negative health consequences of chemical proteins, and also start to look for organic alternatives. So, one way or another, raw protein powders together with other types of superfoods have been popular already for a while. They are tasty, affordable, easy to prepare, but the most important is that these products are totally useful for body and mind.

Raw protein powders are recommended for all athletes, especially for bodybuilders who needs lots of protein. It is useful as well for all vegetarians and vegans who may accidentally compromise their diet, and in general to all people who either need additional nutrition due to their activities, or who risk to be undernourished, for example, pregnant women. It is not an easy task to choose the kind of protein one needs, so before buying, make sure you make a research and check some raw protein powder reviews and read articles on the topic. It is also a good idea to talk to people who are already experts in organic dieting.

How to Choose Organic Protein Powder

To choose proper protein powder, one should identify, what is the purpose of him/her using this product. This will help determine the type, quality and quantity of the powder. If this product will be consumed to improve nutrition in general, cocoa or rice milk powder will do. However, if one is an athlete, more nourishing protein powder is recommended.

The main raw protein powders are made of:

  • wheat,
  • hemp,
  • rice,
  • oatmeal,
  • soybeans,

Make sure the product is really raw, and has not been processed in any thermal way. it is ok if seeds have been dried in the sun, this is not thermal heating in terms of processing. Also, it is important to avoid chemically processed products. Powders are immediately absorbed by the body, and all harmful chemicals will be in the bloodstream in seconds, not filtered through the digestive tract.

How to Consume

Raw protein powders are extremely easy to cook and the recipes are very simple. Mostly, the main principle is to mix the powder with water, milk, or juice, and drink. It is also totally ok to take the mix with you in a bottle, it will preserve its useful qualities, the only thing is that perhaps you will need to give the bottle a shake to restore the texture. However, read the instructions carefully, some mixes should not be heated or exposed to sun, while others should be consumed within an hour or two after being cooked.