Starting up your business in 2018 is going to be difficult, but totally worthwhile. The biggest task that you’re going to have to jump on and stay on top of is marketing your brand. And how better to kick-start your business then with a brilliant digital marketing plan?

We’re about to take a look at the most effective ways you can market your start-up this year. With points on:

  • Link building and outreaching
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Overview

Linking Building and Outreaching

Bulldog Digital Media’s head of outreach, Buzz Carter, mentioned that link-building is a huge part of successfully marketing any start-up business in his blog about outreach for small business owners.

And it’s no surprise that most digital marketers will tell you the same. Link building can give your businesses site a range of benefits. Of which, include:

  • Building a higher trust
  • Increasing your rank on SERP’s
  • Search engines can find your site faster and easier
  • Referral traffic
  • Brand awareness

An important way to outreach for link-building that is starting to overtake 2018’s digital marketing, is to find influencers to work with.

This is called influencer outreach and it allows brands to connect with social influencers for a mutual benefit.

Content Marketing

Videos, blogs, articles and so many more. Content is essential for any business, it’s used in every digital marketing strategy and there’s a good reason.

Consumers want to read, watch and hear about answers to their pain points. How else would you do that then creating captivating and useful content?

It’s an extremely effective way to get your start-up noticed by consumers and search bots. Using keywords and simple content that gives the reader an easy-to-find answer gives your brand a better chance of being trusted by search bots and consumers.

Great content is helpful, interesting and simple. Once you master content creation, your marketing results will be significantly improved.

As you build more and more enticing content in the form of videos or articles, you’ll constantly be upping your chances of being found by search bots and by consumers.

People love relevant and fresh content. Which is why it’s important to keep an ongoing content marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing

During 2018, social media channels are becoming even more of an important part of marketing and there’s no wonder why. They give businesses and consumers a place to connect.

Using social media platforms like Facebook, for example, will be a huge benefit to your start-up business. If done well, your brand will gain a ton of engagement and build a reputation – hopefully, a good one!

So, how do you implement social media channels into your marketing campaign for 2018? Simple, start posting relevant content that your target audience will enjoy reading and content that they will find helpful.

You can begin to connect with your clients through social media channels as well. Responding with speedy, empathetic and useful replies to clients queries on social media channels is one way you can gain trust from your audience.

Using social media in your digital marketing plan also boosts your reach and increases your likelihood of being found, along with your other marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you take one thing from this, make sure it is that your SEO needs attention because it’s such a large part of growing your start-up.

SEO refers to the optimisation of content and your website in general. It allows search bots to crawl around the web and find you.

Without SEO, your site is never going to rank highly on any SERP’s (search engine results pages), so spend time optimising for search and your site will benefit greatly.

It’s also very important to note that SEO is an ongoing part of any digital marketing strategy. It needs to be continually reviewed and updated as time goes on and the way search bots find your site changes.


Now you know that you should be focusing your marketing efforts on link-building, outreaching, content creation, social media marketing and SEO, tell us how you’re going to implement them into your strategy.

Hopefully, each of these strategies will improve your start-up’s online presence enough to bring you a long career as a business owner. Keep us updated along the way!