Do you have what it takes to make a living as an online gambler? It might seem like an impossible dream, but across the world more and more people are embracing online casinos as ways to make serious cash. These aren’t casual gamers, though. To mix financial success and online gambling takes strategy and intelligence. Here are some key things to know if it’s something you are willing to try.

Take Advantage of all the Bonuses You Can Find

One of the great things about online gambling compared to physical casinos or betting shops is the range of incentives that sites provide to attract players. Almost all online casinos provide some form of sign-up bonus, generally in the form of free spins or credits on the site’s card, dice or roulette games. So before you sign up for any sites, shop around and check out the various bonuses involved. Be sure to check for “no deposit” bonuses too, as many sites require players to deposit a certain amount of money before they can withdraw their winnings.

Use Promotional Codes to Maximise Your Winnings

Alongside bonuses for signing up, you’ll also come across promo codes for different sites and games. Again, these deliver big savings in the form of free spins or bets, and all savvy gamblers know how to use them wisely. With games like poker, promotional codes can also deliver discounted tournament entries, allowing you to access big money competitions. And you can usually find a promotional code for roulette which cuts the price of every spin.

Refer Friends for Even Bigger Bonuses

Another way that gambling sites like to keep their customers happy is by offering bonuses for referrals. Gambling is a social activity, after all, and these casinos make a lot of money through word of mouth. If you’re happy to share an invitation on Facebook or Twitter, you can often just click a “share” button to receive a reward (which often totals as much as £50), and casinos tend to offer extra bonuses for people who send multiple referrals in their direction. So spread the word: it’s a good source of cash for extra spins and roulette bets.

Ascend the VIP Ladder to Win More Cash

Most online casinos offer tiered memberships, with extra perks and chances to win the higher you climb their status ladder. So if you’re serious about maximising your winnings, you know where to aim: right to the top of their online hierarchy. Not only will you receive more generous bonuses and cash rewards, major online casinos tend to lay on lavish events for their most valued customers, as well as in depth customer support. The networking alone at their events is worth the cost of signing up, as you can exchange tips with seasoned gamblers and find out the tricks of the trade.

Shop Around and Find Games that fit Your Style

The world of online casinos is vast, and everyone is different. That means everyone who signs up should set some time aside to explore the various games on offer until they find ones which fit their talents and tastes. For instance, if you’ve only really tried slots before, branch out into roulette or craps, or join a poker tournament. Ideally, have two or three games that you know inside out, and switch between them to keep your mind fresh. Don’t just stick to a machine or game you know well – there’s a world of opportunity out there and plenty of ways to hit the jackpot.

Set Rules and Stick to Them Like Glue

Here’s another secret from the gambling elite: recklessness and courage are big no-no’s. Instead, systematic gambling and restraint are the way to make sustained gains. Sure, there are times when you just have to go all-in. But limit these to stellar blackjack or poker hands. When you are playing games based more on pure chance, keep a steady hand and clear head. In games like roulette or craps, you might win big at first, and take this as a cue to pile in, only to lose it all. At the same time, players who walk away with a series of modest wins can end up making much more money when the night is done. The ability to walk away and bank your winnings is crucial for any serious gambler.

Shop Around, Use Bonuses and Gamble Like A Pro

If you get to know all of the best online casinos and use their most generous bonuses, you’re half way to becoming a successful gambler. If you master a few games and set yourself disciplined goals and limits, you’re almost all the way there. So explore what’s on offer, make a few deposits, and start developing your skills. You’ll be amazed by how quickly the wins start flooding in.