I love a place I have a good excuse to pop a little heel on for. A little kitty to my skinny jean. A date should feel like a real date. For this you need an elegant, retro venue with beautiful decor, think 60s parisian. Every Tuesday each red cocktail is only £5. Cheap and intimate. Tuesday cocktails for me are remedies to early London week stresses; flatmate troubles, love disasters, freelance deadlines, payday countdowns, rude commute encounters…by Tuesday a touch of red, some dimmed lighting, carefully chosen furniture and good company sipping on a Rhubarb Sour is my perfection. Whether you go or don’t, I know a good deal when I see one. It bring a little happiness to me and it probably helps that it is basically on my doorstep. If quiet and civilised isn’t you, Friday and Saturday’s unleash Ruby Pool Partys (without the pool) and Drive Thru Discos for all bikini, rubber ring and glitter fans.

For me Creme de la creme of all Ruby’s nights is happening on the 9th April: Jazz & The Swingin’ sounds of the 60s. Two live sets from the band and a live artist painting in the background. Do we get to buy the canvas, do we want to buy a freshly painted canvas, I don’t know? But I like thought of it and thats what counts. Jazz, smooth drawn out beats and something to do next Monday. I enjoy planning nights out like google maps plans my travel. A place to be, a time to set off and it lives in my diary until its ticked off. Sounds robotic but its a system that works. Otherwise I find myself sitting at home wondering where I should be and why I don’t know about it.

Wardrobe wise, I think i’ll stick to a black polo neck and add greek goddess jewellery for my va-va-voom.

[Illustrations courtesy of Ruby’s Bar & Lounge www.rubysdalston.com]