The internet today is the biggest phenomenon that happened in the 21st Century. It’s pulling down every wall in its path and pushing limitations. Today, millions of businesses, services, and ideas are thriving based on their presence on the internet. It has changed the modus operandi of selling and engaging consumers or customers. Industries that were never imagined to join the race are fighting for their place. If any business isn’t online presently, there is a higher chance that it will become history before the next decade.

Here are five industries that moved online to survive and stay relevant.


Before now, flying was more paperwork. Travelers buy tickets from local agents before traveling. Presently, all that has been tossed into the dustbin of history. Flying, accommodation, car hire, and anything else you could need to enjoy your trip are online. Using smartphones or PCs, people can navigate sites like for reviews or booking. The response has been explosive, transforming the way people move around with ease.


One industry that has undergone extensive overhauling is commerce. Physical locations have been shrinking daily, and stores are moving online to sell to a bigger market which is worldwide. Right from your living room, you can buy and pay for items in another continent and get it shipped to your doorstep on a fixed date. E-commerce is the big deal with billions of dollars in sales yearly. is one of the leading names that are solely online.

Betting & Casino

Traditional casinos and betting companies have all moved online a long time ago. If there’s any you know that isn’t online; I’m sure it’s dead. Playing casino games and staking on live sporting events is the new cool. The new Las Vegas is online on people’s smartphone. Fans, bettors, and gamblers can play to win on online casinos like


Only a few people saw the abundant opportunities when intellectual properties were taking online instead of the traditional cinemas and opera shows. Streaming music and movies online have outshined current way of enjoying music and movies. Netflix, Spotify, and Iflix are streaming unlimited shows, movies and songs for people to watch and save for future. The industry has grossed more income than ever before by taking their business online.


Communicating in the past decade has been cheaper and faster. It has been transformed with innovations that were targeted at the online community. Real-time communication is available for anyone with a smartphone or tablet and internet connection anywhere in the world. Traditional phone calls have been replaced with internet calls, chatting, and video calls.  In the past decade, communicating has been more digital with platforms like

In the next decade, more will be online to survive.