Being creative is one of the greatest attributes anyone can possess. When you are creative, coming up ideas become easy. Where this inspiration comes from, sometimes is quite hard to tell. I believe creativity is the use of imagination to create something.

As the definition implies, creativity means creating something worthwhile. The good news is everyone can be creative. However, it all depends on the zeal you add to it. Naturally, a few people are more talented than others. These few people have that edge over millions naturally.

Depending on your ability to generate ideas and turn them into reality, this determines how creative you are. You must have been in a situation where are expected to bring a plan for the next big project. It could be a new promotion, ads, topic or program and you went blank. It happens to everyone; you are not alone.  Many become stuck, and their ingenuity is questioned by others.

When next you blank, here are six ways to get your creative juices flowing.

Start Exercising

It’s been proven exercise unlocks the hidden potential of the human brain. Exercising the body is more or less replenishing the hard drive where the previous ideas came from. The type of exercise you choose can be based on your discretion and ability. When you step out to exercise, your body and mind react to those activities. It narrows your focus and makes your mind sharp.  30minutes daily will keep the juice flowing.

Sleep On It

You find it funny? Me too the first time I heard about sleeping to be more creative. Creativity works with the brain and mind. Researchers have proved countless times that the more sleep you get, the better for your brain. If you want your creativity to flow, kindly find time to sleep than before.

You Might Need Some Time Off

It’s tough for you to be on top of your game 24/7. As humans, you could get drained when you are performing the same routine, or the pressure is just getting too much. Many creative personalities do take some time to rest and have fun. They reminisce about the past and celebrate their breakthroughs. Thinking you can deliver all year round is a misconception. Your juice might seize if you don’t take time to rest.

Get Help

Being creative can’t be isolated with occurrence around us. Many times, creative people often get inspiration from their environment. When the flow stops, you should turn to people who can be of help. A chat with your neighbour could do the magic, or a hangout with old pals can set the ball rolling. You can also align your purpose with universe by using numerology reports.


Being self-aware shows, you have clear perception of your strength, weaknesses, belief, thoughts, and feelings.  You understand yourself, and you know what you are capable of doing. Creativity has stages, and it often starts with weird dreams sometimes. Self-awareness aids personal development. Been aware, you understand your limitations and strengths. You know where to dig deep and those to ignore. At you get the answers to revive your creativity.

Change Your Routine

Most people are fixed to a precise way of being creative. They believe there’s a permanent formula for getting ideas. It will surprise you there’s none. Some of the best ideas have come from people playing around, and something big struck their minds. There are no standards for been creative. It could be your daily routine or the way you work. If you are becoming unproductive like before, it’s time to redraft your plans.

Been creative is envisaging, no one is exempted from it.