Listing the dangers of smoking is nothing new. Whether you are passive smoker or an active smoker, you’ve been exposed to hundreds obnoxious chemicals that causes every known cancer. There’s a famous line that says-smokers are liable to die young. In fact, they don’t die young; many die miserably.

This occurrence has made millions of smokers to avoid smoking considering the health hazard associated with the act. Still, not enough, governments worldwide have been taking different measure to curb smoking by enforcing huge taxes and restricting smoking in public places.  Sadly, people can’t have a smoke in an open area without encountering one or two challenges.

The big question now is; “is there a better alternative to traditional cigarettes?”

What is encourage today is vaping, and smoking has been relegated to the dumps. Vaping is cleaner, cheaper, and 99.9% safer for consumers. Compare to the traditional cigarette; it has been replaced with brilliantly flavoured e-liquids in varieties that have revived smoking in a new way known as vaping.

Now people vape and not smoke. The electric cigarette is the new thing. You inhale and exhale sweetened liquids rather than puffing nicotine.

  1. Vaping is Harmless

Vapers compare to smokers are exposed to zero or minimal risk. The content of the e-liquid which is heated through the electronic cigarette to create the premium taste has no threat to vaper’s health. Electronic cigarette technology is the new cool. Safer than the traditional cigarette with nicotine that causes cancer.

  1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

In many parts of the world today, smoking a conventional cigarette is banned in public for the danger it exposes people too. There have been cases where fire outbreak was caused by cigarettes. Also, the release of nicotine into the air which is a pollutant. Vaping, on the other hand, doesn’t use fire nor smoke. E-cigs use batteries, and so they reduce pollution and irritation caused by traditional cigarettes.

  1. There are Varieties of Flavours

Traditional cigarettes offer no varieties for the smoker.  Vaping has different flavours which includes cherry, vanilla, strawberry and that is just a few tastes from the large list of eliquids in the UK.

eliquids in the UK

  1. It’s More Economical

Despite having a variety of flavours with an E-cig pen, vaping is cheaper compare to smoking. They don’t cost so much like the traditional cigarette. The cost of smoking a conventional cigarette is about twice the cost of electronic smoking. Buying the E-cig kit with its cartomizers is nothing compared to buying packs of cigarettes weekly.

  1. Vaping is More Discreet than Smoking

Many smokers are usually timid of telling their loved ones they smoke, maybe for personal reasons. The offensive scent is enough to drive back people. E-liquids doesn’t leave any lasting embarrassing scent after vaping.

No ashtrays nor offensive breath in public. Compare to vaping where there’s nothing to hide.

It’s excellent advice if you are told to quit smoking and embrace vaping.