London has been revealed to be the biggest spending region on clothing in the UK in new research by JD Sports. JD has commissioned survey of 2,000 adults in the UK (which can be provided at request) to delve into our spending habits as well as asking whether shoppers are happy or guilty with how they spend disposable income.

Regional Average Clothing Spend

  1. London                                                 £121.93
  2. North West                                         £116.47
  3. Northern Ireland                              £115.21
  4. North East                                           £114.92
  5. West Midlands                                  £105.85
  6. Yorkshire and the Humber           £104.04
  7. South West                                         £101.31
  8. Scotland                                               £100.23
  9. South East                                           £96.65
  10. Wales                                                    £96.61
  11. East Anglia                                          £89.59
  12. East Midlands                                    £88.26

Disposable Income Spend

When it came to disposable income, the majority 19% said they use it to save for the future as opposed to spending on food, drink or clothes. 15% admitted to not having any disposable income left after the necessities of bills and outgoings. Over 55’s were the most likely age group to save for the future, but 1 in 3 18-24 year olds admitted they use disposable income on savings.

How do you spend disposable income?

  • Clothes                                    9%
  • Food/Drink                              19%
  • Activities                                 14%
  • Spend on Family                     9%
  • Save for Future                        32%
  • No disposable income            15%
  • Other                                          2%

Interestingly men were found to more likely than women to save for the future, at 38% to 27%. Women were three times as likely to spend disposable income on clothes by comparison.

When asked how the nation felt about spending their disposable income, it seemed most were happy spenders, with 31% saying they were ‘Happy’ and 26% going as far to say they were ‘satisfied’.

Looking at regional attitudes, West Midlands were the guiltiest spenders of all being twice as likely as East Anglia to feel guilty about how they spend disposable income. The North East were most likely to feel stressed about their spending choices.

Top 5 Guilty Spending Cities

  1. Swansea
  2. Oxford
  3. Gloucester
  4. Aberdeen          
  5. Chelmsford

Gender Spend

Women spent slightly more than men on average per month, at £110.73 to £101.24 on clothing. Women would spend almost double on average than men on a bag, but men are the bigger spenders on footwear, t shirts and coats.

Women were twice as likely as men to feel guilty about how the spend disposable income, as well as being less likely to save for the future but three times as likely to spend income on clothes.