As we all know, there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ springtime in London! One year, we’re picnicking on Clapham Common, the next we’re racing to take shelter from the pounding rain. One year we’re sweltering on Putney Bridge watching the start of the Boat Race, the next we’re building snowmen! The great British weather is certainly a little unpredictable, but the good news is that, come rain or shine, we can always be sure of one thing: that the different colours of spring will completely blow us away.

Colourful Springtime Fashion

So what’s the best way to really honour these fabulous springtime colours? Through fashion! Who says a Festive wardrobe is just for Christmas? We say there’s never a bad time of year to get creative, try out new styles, and celebrate the season through bold choices, jaw dropping designs, and total pizzazz!

Here’s your go-to guide for this year’s hottest springtime colours and trends:

  • Mad for Matisse

Love it or hate it, the Fauvism trend looks like it’s here to stay this year with strong, eye catching palettes that would make Henri Matisse proud. If you’re not much of an artwork geek, Fauvism was an early 19th century French arts movement based on the idea of bold, contrasting colours and a sort of ‘larger than life’ over-representation of objects and figures. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing this springtime.

Try It: Bold, eye catching prints look great on flowy gypsy tops, or even on lightweight jackets. Layer up! 

  • Elegantly Ethereal

If ‘bold’ is in, that must mean ‘pastel’ is out, right? Not so fast…. In fact, intense vibrancy and delicate pastels both have a place in this year’s spring line up. The laid back, otherworldly, ethereal look is one of the hottest topics in the fashion world right now, giving off a ‘go with the flow’ kinda vibe. We’re loving blending two of this season’s biggest trends: pastels and culottes (the ultimate in sexy silhouettes!).

Try It: House of Fraser are stocking super cool pastels! Be savvy: use House of Fraser discount codes.

  • Purple Power

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018 has been announced! This year, we’re loving…. Drum roll please…. Ultra violet! Yes, that’s right, it’s the ‘Year of Purple’, and we’re seeing every sort of shade possible:  lilacs, lavenders, mauves, plums, amethysts, orchids, heathers, eggplants… you name it, it’s out there! Purple is often associated with royalty, so in the season of royal babies and weddings, what better?

Try It: If you’re not sure purple is really your colour, try including just a splash in your accessory choices.

  • The Meg Effect

London is the city on everyone’s lips this spring, and rightly so! This season, Meghan Markle is set to add a touch of American glamour into our highly traditional royal family. While ‘The Dress’ may be a big secret, there’s one thing we do know: Meg LOVES green! From her green P.A.R.O.S.H engagement dress to her gorgeous DeMellier London handbag, we’re turning green with envy at her unbeatable fashion.

Try It: Dark green tartans and lighter khaki colours are both excellent choices for springtime outerwear.

What NOT To Wear

Knowing what to wear this spring is important… but knowing what NOT to wear is absolutely essential! Don’t get caught out looking ‘so last season’; here are 3 styles you can’t be caught dead in this spring:

1). Floor Length Failures

The maxi dress hides a multitude of sins (*cough* unshaven legs *cough*) so it’s never going to fall completely out of style. This spring, however, we’re just not really into that floor length feel. As we edge closer towards the summer, we want to feel the breeze and show off a bit of skin. Our advice: ditch the maxi dress and opt for a midi alternative, loose, flowing culottes, or even boardshorts on a very hot day.

2). Bye Bye Bardot

Like maxi dresses, bardot style tops will never die out. However, the massive ‘cold shoulder’ trend that was around all winter long has left us feeling a little tired of the off-the-shoulder trend. This spring, it’s best to steer clear of this look unless you take a completely new, completely fresh take on the style. We’re actually loving the slow but steady rise in one-shoulder tops and cheeky, peekaboo sleeves.

3). Boho Blues

The chilled out ethereal trend is rapidly taking over, and it’s leaving those over-the-top Woodstock styles looking…. Well, more hobo than boho. If you want that ‘earth mother’ vibe, then ditch the brown and yellow vests and instead opt for pretty pastels and nice neutrals. And if you really can’t bear to say goodbye to your boho side, choose unique, handcrafted offerings, rather than off-the-rack copies.

Out With The Old…

With new flowers popping up and tiny lambs frolicking around the fields, we often associate spring with a new start… so why not take this opportunity to try something different and carve out a completely new style for yourself to celebrate the season. Remember, spring only comes once a year… don’t waste it!