Indie-electronic producer Dim Sum shares official music video for single ‘Stay’, taken from recently released EP of the same name, “Stay” in October 2017 via Soundress. Following the success of his first EP, “Coucou Disco” the producer has gone on to receive an incredible support from respectable publications such as CLASH Mag, Thump, Earmilk and Indie Shuffle. After the relelase of Dim Sum’s second EP, he received an even greater response, with airplay from Radio FG (France) and Fun Radio, extensive support from popular channels UKF, ElectroPosé, Get The Sound, TVG, Mr Revillz, Dealer de Musique – not to forget remixes by international artists Christine and the Queens, Ra Ra Riot, Panama Wedding, Poom and lately Julien Doré.  With over 6 million streams on his 2016 single ‘High Love’, Dim Sum has also been supporting Zimmer and Karma Kid, creating a trailblazing name for himself in the industry, as well as performing a live set at Kitsuné Club Night. So far, the single ‘Stay’ which is also the title track of the EP has received more than 1.5 million streams ahead of it’s video release.

Hailing from Paris, Dim Sum initially explored music production on the discovery of forward-thinking, striving rock bands of the late ‘90s. Jolting his need to be in a band, the French-producer fell deeper down the rabbit hole of influence, exploring more experimental electronic acts such as Daft Punk, thus producing his own music and crafting his own style. Creating his own unique blend of ethereal sounds, a comfortably achieved element of smooth house can also be heard here, along with hints of nu-disco, and twists of electro.

Citing producers Bibio, Mura Masa, Fakear, Phoenix, Daft Punk among his greatest influencers, Dim Sum achieves extraordinary results by combining an array of different genres and styles into his contagious sound, such as indie-pop, chillwave and smooth-house music. His crisp production elements are resemblant of like-minded producers Christian Löffler, Zimmer as well as Max Cooper, although blended together into his own original, mystical brainchild.

“I made the track ‘Stay’ with the idea of making a track that you can both dance and think to. Music that you can share with the people you live with, and those that you miss. Move to the beats or get lost to the melodies, depending on how you’re feeling it.”

Dim Sum’s previous releases “Coucou Disco” and “High Love” showcase of his french-wave and almost liquid-disco vibe. But the new single, ‘Stay’ is an amazing exhibit of his ability to create an almost timeless fusion of chilled sounds. The song is also supported by a video filled with cinematic visuals of a mysterious woman, standing on a bed of rocks at a seashore, evoking senses of peace and relaxation for the viewer.