Swiss producer and indie-songstress Anna Aaron shares the music video for her fiery single, ‘Why Not’ (Radicalis Music). After previous successful singles ‘Stellarling’ and ‘Linda’, Anna Aaron initially gained notability by fellow Swiss jazz musician Sophie Hunger, prompting celebrated label Two Gentlemen Records (Fauve, The Young Gods, The Appleseed Cast) to take interest in the Basel-based artist and sign her right on the spot. Anna has since gained media attention from the likes of Clash Mag, FGUK, Noisey GermanySound Kartel, Le Canal Auditif, NBHAP, Les Inrocks, Spiegel Online just to name a few.

Although her influences range from artists such as Nigel Godrich, Animal Collective, Popol VuhAnna Aaron’s music is a realm of her own, comparisons to similarly like-minded artists such as Lykke Li or PJ Harvey could be apt for her provocative and in-your-face nature. Her songwriting abilities could be likened to musicians such as Robyn or Anna Calvi for her overflowing passion and commitment.

The latest single ‘Why Not’ by Anna Aaron is a pounding electro-tinged voyage through kaleidoscopic whirlwinds; deep driving basslines and energetic percussion stream like rivers of lightning underneath Aaron’s provocative, animated vocal presence. Her confrontational lyrics “Why not have no expectations towards yourself?” reminds us of the impact one can have in this unforgiving world.

Speaking on the latest single, Anna comments: “I wrote ‘Why Not’ very fast in the spirit of the moment. The lyrics, however, were challenging to write because I wanted them to be cutting but also funny; so to make it work I had to maintain a high tension between precision and delirious ranting.”

Download “Why Not” here.