Quirky bedroom artist Andrew Applepie is set to release his new single ’Not Gonna Lie’ from his upcoming album, California Kamala Falcon, which has all been self-produced by Applepie in his Berlin based studio.
The multi-instrumental producer fuses merges jazz and lo-fi feelings with atmospheric and wondrously shuffled sounds to create something very special, released by Fett Music, one of Berlin’s coolest electronic labels.
The track is accompanied by an oddball DIY video, which is an exciting slice of fun-pop, bearing similarities to the wonderful Vulfpeck or SuperOrganism. Not Gonna Lie merges clean guitars with Applepie’s newly found whispery vocals, with a biting uplifting chorus that’ll leave you singing the melody for days.
With a whopping total of 16million streams on Spotify across past releases, 250,000+ monthly listeners, 80,000 followers on Soundcloud and his music spread across many YouTube influencers and tastemakers channels (over 50million views and counting!), Andrew Applepie’s home-made approach seems to be paying off.
One of his previous releases ‘Drowning World’ blends Swedish singer Bjurman’s raw and melancholic vocal performance with Applepie’s upbeat and playful style. It was released on MrSuicideSheep’s YouTube channel in June last year and has already been viewed over 3.7 million times. The one man multi-instrumentalist also played SXSW in March this year.