More valuable than gold. More exclusive than platinum. A meteorite is a new kind of precious stone or even gold, which fell from the sky.

Martinelis & CO is innovative and modern fine jewellery house that consistent search for harmony in opposites which lead to the discovery of a cosmic material and realization of the Beyond JWLRY collection.

The meteorite is unique in its essence, not to mention the tireless craftsmanship of a jeweller.  Every single meteorite has its own organic Widmanstätten pattern, which is carefully preserved and being transformed into a gem.

“Brutal architecture and modern music inspire us to keep the harsh physics of meteorite and gently combine it with classic materials such as gold and diamonds. Raw, infinity and continuum are main elements of what Beyond JWLRY collection is about.” – told the founder Silvijus Martinėlis.

Through its jewellery, Martinelis & CO managed to combine classic and modern, shine and the rust and now it is time to express the unity of the unknown space and the earth.