The smoke that lingers after an online casino has been exploited is felt for long. It is the costly repercussions of not making hay while the sun shines that has made the outcry of online casinos to be earmarked. For most of the hackers, setting your hawk eye on an online casino is the ultimate goal. The wealth from such platforms is highly targeted, and for this reason, the casinos search and pay for people to reveal every nook and cranny of a bug, hole or trick.

Finding the Needle in the Hay

Bug bounty programs are one of the ways in which companies seek to expose even the smallest of the twitch that could lead to catastrophic consequences. In line with this, any person with an eye to detail is pouched and paid generously so that no stone is left unturned.

The vulnerability of such sites stems from the ability of the user place the input and as such the hackers can also input their codes onto the websites. Be it software or sites, such susceptibilities need to be eliminated as the cross-site challenges are a big hurdle.

The task lies in finding the breaches that automated tools fall short of finding which places emphasis on the experts in this field. One of the tactics employed is finding the channel that a hacker can use such as a malicious link which is then sent to the unsuspecting target for clicking. Such flaws are expensive for the hosting company, and a public revelation will warrant more threats. It is for this reason therefore that companies like those presented at, pay for the flaws to be revealed and dealt with.

Bug Bounty Rewards by Online Casinos

Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack has received a lot of spotlight due to its reward on anyone who finds relevant security glitches. Testimonials reveal on the frequency of payment of bitcoin. This, however, differs with the threat of the bug in terms of the level and the size. With a promise to fill your pockets on any of the security breaches, more people are investing their time trying to deduce any glitches they might have. Since you hardly can find such companies on the Bugcrowd list, we decided to make our own for you.


To take care of any glitches or vulnerabilities, BetCoin has devised a Dice Bug Bounty Reward with the aim of exposing the flaws it might have. A reward is expressly guaranteed, making it a worthwhile venture. The bugs that have been reported over time include the maximum bet not being properly registered. To remain true to their world, players have been rewarded for the effort and notification to mitigate a tumultuous situation.


This casino relies on bitcoin as its payment method. It, therefore, relies on vulnerability remedies as such cryptocurrency could be a source of breaches. Such a company needs to have extraordinary measures to avoid the potentialities of a hazard. The amount that is up for grabs is a whopping fifty dollars that will entice you and help the company as well.


This is another casino that heavily relies on bitcoin. Given that bitcoin is based on blockchain technology, breaches are a common problem. As such, holes or bugs are encapsulated. It is for this same reason that such an establishment invests in expert researchers from all over the world to abort such viral problems.

Challenges to do with holes and tricks are addressed promptly, and all recommendations or reports are handled with a lot of seriousness. This is particular to their live site and for a faster resolution process; the brains behind the issue are highly encouraged. The bounty programs also aim to prevent public threats and as such all reports are treated with utmost privacy. Further, the site discourages people from taking advantage of the breach hunt as an excuse of using people’s credentials without professional authorisation.

Kava Blog

This site is earmarked for having a hall of fame that deals with research of the security breaches. It is for this reason that bounty hunters have been lured to seeking such loopholes and helping restore an otherwise corruptible site. With casino games and cryptocurrency as a footstool to this site, it takes no specialised knowledge to think of the irrevocable and disastrous effects that such penetration could cause.

The medium of exchange for this lively gaming that entices casino lovers is the Kava coins. Such payment methods have been embraced as mainstream and Kava’s Casino Life is reputable for its massive growth and its use is considered as the fuel to the growth boost. With many of the transactions for the casino relying on the Kava coins, major exchanges will introduce such coins in the long-term. Hackers with ill intentions will target the polarity of such sites to build a fortress of these coins before their value shoots.

Bottom line

With most of the online reaping forward to introduce blockchain and sophisticated technology in their model, the flip of money by hackers is speculated to take a high toll. The aftermath of such a loophole would be devastating, and the collapse of a firm that many passionate players relied on would be an outcry to many. Bug hunting and revealing holes is a wise technique that all surviving casinos should consider.