This is the age of gaming – the industry is thriving, and the advent of mobile gaming has made it an important part of the Shoreditch business scene. Part of the reason is that practically everyone has a smartphone today – saturation is now at around 85 percent of the UK adult population. That means we’ve all got the means for a quick game of Clash Royale or Angry Birds whenever we have ten minutes to kill and the fancy takes us.

The other point is that most of us have grown up around gaming, and it’s a pastime that seems natural and established. Still, though, you happen upon people all the time who see gamers in the nerdy, bespectacled, 1980s sense of the word, and tell you it is not for them.

If you are the kind of person who likes a challenge, here are some gaming apps that will convert even the most determined non-gamer.

A casino app

There are hundreds to choose from, and the online casino sector is one of the most buoyant and fast moving genres in gaming. It also has a unique demographic, in as much as it is aimed exclusively at the adult market. And that’s the interesting thing about casino games. They are seen as mature, sophisticated, and not really games at all. If that argument doesn’t talk the non-gamers round, then the Kingcasinbonus free spins that essentially allow you to play for cash rewards without having to spend your own money will be the deciding factor!

Word games

Another type of game that is famous for appealing to the sophisticated, adult market is the word game. Commuters used to sit on the train home and do The Times crossword – maybe some still do, but if you introduce them to one of the many crossword apps, they can continue to do so – and then hit the one from the New York Times for good measure!

Of course, there are plenty of other word games out there. The scrabble-style Words with Friends is one of the most popular apps in social gaming, and is a great way of keeping in contact with friends, as well as exercising the mental muscles.

Card games

If the blackjack and poker of the casino don’t appeal, maybe a game of Klondike solitaire, freecell or even bridge will prove more of a temptation. Cards games are among the oldest types of leisure activity still around today. However, they have not merely survived – the internet age has led to an explosion of new card games. Install a general games app like Mindjolt, and you can have access to new ones practically every day.

Card games can also lead the player into unexpected directions – back to the casino is one, of course, but there are unusual games such as this strange mixture of solitaire and golf that is nevertheless highly compelling.


The Great British pub quiz is as much a part of the national culture as fish and chips or England losing in the football. If your “non gamer” has a good head for trivia, then a quiz app could be just the way to tempt them into mobile gaming.

There are plenty out there to choose from, but Trivia Crack is one of the most popular and has some neat functionality. You can either test your own knowledge using the seemingly inexhaustible library of questions, or get competitive with friends. Perhaps the best part of all, though, is the ability to actually set your own quiz challenges.

Once you get started

Any of the above provide a perfect route into the wonderful world on mobile gaming. And the great thing is that once someone has got started, they will be gamers for life, without even realising it!