Being able to edit your own audio in the comfort of your own home is such a great achievement – there are so many great audio editing softwares out there, and best of all there are numerous exceptional free Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) that deal with almost every complex audio processing, restoration, enhancements, analysis, and conversions.

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Right here are some handy tips to help you step up your game in the audio recording field.

It all begins with a great recording….. Firstly, ensure that you use a recording device you are familiar with – and include around two seconds of silence both before and after the recording of audio. You will find this very helpful whilst mixing later on. Record close to the source of the sound with a directional mic for best results.

Use trusted software….. Free software for simple audio editing projects is great, they are simple and very user friendly. Also in this day and age most PC’s and laptops already come with audio editing software pre-installed. So for example if you are a Mac user, have a look for a program called GarageBand – that is your best friend.

Choose volume levels carefully….. Import all new sounds into your project at the zero level – this is the baseline. Once a few sounds have been imported, you can easily adjust the levels of different tracks to create a wider spectrum of high to low level sounds. Always make sure to listen to your project with your PC or laptop volume set up to a medium level – headphones and speakers. If the sound is too quiet or too loud, it will likely needs to be adjusted.

Dissolve and fade new tracks….. Having a new sound appearing from out of nowhere is very disturbing for the listener. A fade-in, even if it is a short fade-in, will make the audio sound more pleasant and like it is happening naturally.

Apply filters and effects as and when needed….. If you are creating an audio track for a scene, it won’t sound natural unless you include a recording from the space that the scene is taking place. It seems silly to record what seems like silence in an empty space, but it is essential for setting a scene.

Use sound databases for royalty-free clips and music….. Online resources such as Audioblocks is a great place to find high-quality sounds that you aren’t able to record yourself. You can get all the sounds you need by subscribing and downloading it.

Enjoy playing around and having fun with it.