Whisky is one of the most consumed spirits in India. It is the choicest drink that can be enjoyed on any occasion, be it a slow evening or a fast-paced party night. There’s no doubt that people chase both a whisky’s flavour and high. When consumed responsibly, Whisky makes up for a drink that can give a perfect timeout from the mundane life.

Indian premium whisky always had a soft corner in most people’s heart. According to the stats, India consumes as much whisky as the rest of the world combined. Not everyone affords the most expensive liquor which leads to majority of people finding their love in the best whisky brands in India. Not only is it fair on the pocket and without import taxes, but also superb on the palate. Going by the current drinking notion and revolution in the Indian premium whisky brands, these bottles are serious business when it comes to competing with foreign top shelf liquor brands.

  1. McDowell’s No. 1

McDowell’s No. 1 is an old entry but a highly famous whiskey in India. An offering by Diageo India, McDowell’s No. 1 was first introduced in the 1960s and has aged well since that time. It is a premium whisky that has a sweet vanilla palate coupled with a woody aroma. The finish is a spicy and complex combination of flavours that gives it a fair fighting ground against the top shelf liquor brands.

  1. Rockdove

Old generation may not have heard about this brand since it’s a relatively new offering by Hermes Distillery; however, it’s every bit a strong contender against the top shelf liquor brands. Rockdove is distilled in the first ever TOMSA plant in India, which raises this brand above the others. It has a great rich flavour that can even compete against some of the single malt whiskies. Rockdove is coming out to be well-liked by people around the country. Anyone who’s looking for a whisky with a rich, exquisite taste that not only feels premium, but it is, then Rockdove should be a pick.

  1. Antiquity

Antiquity has been a long favourite of many Indian whisky aficionados. It is one of the most premium Indian whiskies. Manufactured by United Spirits in India, it is available in two variants – Blue and Rare. Most people who prefer Antiquity over other brands is due to its classic signature taste with a woody aroma that charms them thoroughly. It can give a serious competition to the top shelf liquor brands and is an excellent value for money.

  1. Royal Stag

Royal Stag is another staple alcohol brand in India that is known for its dense flavor. It has a smoky peaty flavor that resembles single malts from the Islay side of Scotland. Almost everyone has had a drink of Royal Stag in their lives. If you’re looking for something light on pocket that delivers to its name, make sure to get a bottle of Royal Stag.

  1. Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue is another premium whisky that offers you value for money. It is a whisky that you can have every day and not feel like it’s not an expensive affair. The taste, aroma, and palate will not let you down. It is an excellent whisky that can give a run for money to top shelf liquors.

Don’t go by the price of these premium Indian whiskies. They may cost as less as one-fourth of the top shelf liquor, but they can give serious competition to them. The difference is not evident, and if any of these whiskies replaced your glass of top-shelf liquor, you’d not be able to tell one from the other after a drink.