If you are looking for the carnival vibes and jerk flavours of the Caribbean then look no further than Levi Roots’ Caribbean Smokehouse. Inspired by traditional Caribbean cooking, both the food and cocktail menus boast a collection of modern twists on the island cuisines. The rasta’rant (not restaurant) offers a unique casual dining experience in the heart of Stratford, bringing East Londoners and shoppers alike a taste of the reggae life.

The food menu is bursting full of smoked and spicy dishes, customers can start their experience with brand new Little Plates of Paradise including Fried Fish & Bammies, white fish coated in jerk buttermilk batter, with pepper, onions, traditional Jamaican fried cassava patties; and Cou Cou Bites; tasty morsels of soft cornmeal and okra seasoned and deep fried, with Levi’s dip.

Once the taste buds are tingling you can pick from a variety of mains. Opt for the Jerk pit for traditional jerk – marinated, slow smoked, flavour bursting dishes including the Levi’s Smokehouse Platter.  Brand new to the menu this platter is the perfect summer mash-up for two to share; half BBQ jerk chicken, smoked lamb sausage, mango & ginger chicken wings, beefy BBQ burnt ends, fried cinnamon festivals, cassava chips, corn on the cob,  creamy Bajan slaw and juicy watermelon.

The ‘one pot, one love’ mains will satisfy the hungriest of humans, choose from the more traditional Curry Goat and Guyanese Fish Curry, or tuck into the epic Star Bwoy  – slow-cooked beef short rib topped with beefy BBQ burnt ends in a toasted brioche bun with lettuce, tomato and pickle mayo and soused onions.

Levi Roots speaks about his new menu additions: “My summer menu brings lots of new and diverse flavours; inspired by my recent travels across the Islands, I wanted to introduce more variety to the menu – all authentically Caribbean, but delivered in my own Smokehouse style. The new dishes bring some serious flavour and spice to the menu bringing a bit of reggae and the Caribbean to everyone”.

It goes without saying that being a Caribbean restaurant you can expect to see an abundance of rum on the drinks menus, and you won’t be disappointed.  The cocktail menu packs a punch and will transport you to a beach shack on the coast of Jamaica. The Painkiller, made with Pusser’s Navy Rum, is the national cocktail of the Virgin Islands. Opt for Levi’s Guinness Punch for a spin on the classic, where the expert bartenders mix stout with condensed milk, vanilla, overproofed rum and finish it off with a sprinkle of nutmeg.