For a long time, coffee machines were a mainstay of kitchens all over the world. Whether it’s a drip machine for black coffee, a single-use capsule machine, or an espresso maker, there are tons of options and brands on the market.

But recently, there has been a shift away from coffee machines in favor of more streamlined products. There are several reasons why you might want to consider ditching your bulky coffee machine.

They Get in the Way

Your counter space is valuable. If you just afford room to any sort of appliance that might come in handy, you’ll quickly run out of usable surface area. Coffee machines are big, bulky objects that demand a lot of this precious kitchen commodity. You don’t want to have to unplug and move a large, heavy machine every time you try to make dinner. That ends up becoming more hassle than it’s worth. This is especially true as more and more consumers gravitate towards cities, which often entail smaller living spaces and smaller kitchens.

They Harbor Germs

Most people don’t realize that coffee machines are some of the most germ-infested objects in a home. They’re an ideal breeding ground for bacteria such as E. coli. This isn’t just gross, it’s potentially dangerous for you and your family.

Sure, you can diligently clean out your coffee maker on a regular basis to ensure germs can’t fester there. But that kind of negates the purported convenience of the machine itself, doesn’t it? Even single-serve coffee machines require tedious cleaning to prevent contamination.

Perhaps a better option is premium coffee pods that require no machines, whatsoever. These convenient little capsules can be poured directly into hot water, over ice, or even frothed and warmed to create an espresso with a rich creama. This is a sanitary and inexpensive option for those looking to ditch their coffee makers.

They Don’t Always Make Better Coffee

Some people assume that they should have a coffee machine because they brew better coffee. But that’s hardly the case. Drip coffee makers are the longtime standard of the coffee world. But the drip method is not the best for brewing the best cup of Joe. Much of the flavor in the coffee oil and particulates is lost through the filtration process. Additionally, these machines often don’t achieve the correct water temperature, which inhibits absorption, and overall quality of the beverage.

The French press is a good alternative to a standard drip machine. It’s small, easy to clean and almost always produces a better cup of coffee because of different filtration and water addition methods.

The same argument from convenience can be made for single-use pod machines; and the market saw a temporary flurry of interested buyers. Unfortunately, these machines make some of the worst brews as the ersatz pods contain low-quality instant coffee.

They’re Expensive

You know what they say, money talks. And what is your wallet telling you? It’s telling you that coffee machines are expensive! Not only do you have to continually buy filters, you also must buy a new machine every time yours breaks; or every time a new model hits the market.

Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on an inferior device that’s only going to get in your way and brew subpar coffee.

They Create Waste

Some coffee machine makers are taking strides to reduce the waste created by their products. However, there is still a long way to go on this front. Most filters and packaging are not sustainably created or recyclable. If environmental impact is important to you, look for brands that make sustainability a top priority in their production and distribution models.

Every day, over 2 billion of cups of coffee are enjoyed around the world. It’s time to rethink the coffee machine as the primary way to prepare humanity’s beverage of choice.