When you think about hitting the town with your friends, you might not necessarily be thinking bingo night. Isn’t that more your grandparent’s scene? Well, not exactly. Not anymore. Bingo is coming back into style in a huge way, which isn’t that surprising. Especially considering what a fun and stimulating activity it is. So, how can you get in on the excitement? We’ve got you covered with a list of bingo-oriented activities you’re sure to enjoy. And we’re not talking old, stuffy bingo halls here. Read on to discover how to enjoy the bingo lifestyle as a real professional around Shoreditch.

Learn How to Play with the Bingo Academy

Bingo is quite popular in the U.K., and its history in the country is colourful and rich. But the truth is that after the Smoking Act was passed back in 2007, bingo halls fell a bit out of style. Attendance sloughed off, and people ceased to gather around these once-majestic social powerhouses like they used to. Young people especially fell out of love with the game, and the old style of play lost a lot of popularity.

In fact, it’s likely you may not even know how to play traditional bingo. After all, it isn’t a simple game of calling out numbers and marking them on a card. There are lots of bingo lingo to get used to, and if you don’t have any point of reference (i.e., prior playing experience), you won’t know what callers mean.

Infographic Credit: Visually Caption: Think you know about bingo? Think again! Check out these neat facts about Bingo’s history and learn who plays the most.

How can you fix the problem? You go to the Bingo Academy. This excellent little school educates eager players about the game of bingo in a non-formal and non-judgmental setting. Your teachers are seasoned bingo veterans, but you’ll learn how to play with a modern flare. What could be better than that? As of right now, the Bingo Academy is being held in the basement of The Kitty Hawk, a popular venue about two minutes walking distance from the Moorgate tube. It markets itself as a posh, upscale school of bingo where you can get your game on as well as your cocktail — we sure do like the idea of that!

Head to the Vauxhall for the Big Bingo Show

Once you know how to play the game, you’re ready to step out into the world of competition, which thrives in Shoreditch. However, dusty bingo halls are quickly becoming a thing of the past. And it’s time for you to get with the times like bingo. That’s why you need to head over to the Vauxhall for the Big Bingo Show. Each Monday from 9 p.m. until the crowd heads home, the craziest game around graces the silver stage.

Indeed, it is graceful. And loud. And sometimes, even downright shocking. Drag superstar Timberlina hosts this boisterous bingo bash, and you’ll be grateful. Her witty banter, musical numbers and colourful persona keep the show going. Enjoy numerous prizes, refreshing drinks and tons of fun along with the show.

Get Ready to Laugh with Bogan Bingo

They say laughter is good for the soul, and you can’t deny it, especially when you add bingo into the mix. This game is social, happy and provides a positive environment, which you can’t beat. Science Daily reports that bingo is even good for your health, improving cognitive function and providing a much-needed release through social interactions.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Caption: Get your cards and start your engines! Bogan Bingo is sure to please everyone.

That’s why Bogan Bingo is the cream of the crop when it comes to the bingo lifestyle — it’s a comedy show rolled up into a bingo game stuffed inside of a crazy-fantastic party. One host calls out numbers as another spins tunes to go along, and the crowd has a raucous good time. Find Bogan Bingo at the Empire Hotel, the Brewski Bar and The Slug, among other locations. If you want to host a bingo night, feel free to book Bogan Bingo for your party.

Take it On the Road with Online Bingo

Are you all tuckered out from playing bingo so hard in the last few days? You can take a day off. From going out to play, that is. You don’t have to take a bingo break if you don’t want to, play online. According to the BBC, online bingo in the U.K. has skyrocketed in popularity, going from 20 online venues in 2004 to over 350 bingo sites today. Why is that? This convenient form of bingo allows you to play anytime, anywhere, any style. It’s all available, day or night. And you don’t even have to change your clothes to do it!

Caption: Curious about online bingo? Learn how this new form of bingo is impacting the industry.

So, now you know about the benefits of the online bingo lifestyle. But you may still be confused about which online venue will best suit your needs. You want a reputable and established site that offers tons of options, a slew of rewards and won’t let you down when you’ve got the bingo urge. While that’s a tall order, it is doable. If you’re still stuck searching for the perfect online host, you need to learn about the best bingo sites on the web. You’ll find these sites can cater to whichever mood you’re in, so choose wisely! For example, if you’re on a hen or out with the girls, head to Wink Bingo or 888 Ladies for some fun social games. Or if you’re getting cosy under a blanket for the night, go ahead and get on Bingo Loft for big savings in a comfortable environment. Redbus Bingo is perfect for die-hard Londoners while Tasty Bingo will help those with the munchies.

Image Credit: Pexels Caption: Interested in online bingo? Grab your phone and some friends and play together!

Convinced yet? We are. Online bingo is perfect for a night in while bingo fans all over the ‘Ditch will appreciate the rollicking good time to be had at any of the other venues. Whether you like music, comedy, drinks or dancing, there’s a bingo game out there that is perfect for you. So, why wait, Shoreditch? Venture out and play.