Some might ask: what’s the most attractive thing about being an online casino goer? And answers, indeed, range considerably. For a bunch of punters slot machines and the assortment of them play the most essential part in a casino experience; a plenty of gamblers would mention more advanced moments like fast withdrawals or mobile payments, which alleviate the pain of working with cash when you visit land-based venues. But above everything stands bonusing. Analytics revealed that almost 70% of all gamblers do not make a deposit until they learn how a casino is going to sweeten the pill. Probably, you own experience with casino going would shed light on this aspect – we always want to make sure that the results will be beneficial for us.

Whatever casino is put on the table, there definitely is a dedicated page with promotions. And one has to admit that the more profound and lavish bonus system a casino has, the larger numbers of punters become interested in investing money. If you look through lists of best online venues, like TOP gambling sites in UK, the biggest positions in such records are usually given to those casinos whose bonusing includes multiple and profitable ways. Of course, there are far more things that matter – whether we are talking about banking or support services. But one indispensable element, which affects popularity and reach of casinos, is their bonusing. And you might need a decent guide to walk you through this sophisticated forest of bonus collection.

Bonus restrictions

First things first. Bonuses are not given for free. No welcome package, freespin promotion or cash giveaway is offered for granted. Why? Just imagine the following situation: there is an online casino, and they are attracting new customers with an exclusive offer, giving 50 pounds to each newcomer. This casino does not set requirements, simply get welcome-clients rewarded, asking nothing back, and the obvious question arises: how are they going to benefit aside from potential leads? If, say, 1000 outsiders registered and claimed the bonus, 50’000 pounds would virtually vanish. What if hustlers tried to make use of that? Thus casinos think out wagering requirements, additional rules etc. so that gambling audience put bonuses to real use. Speaking of rules and restrictions, there are just as many requirements as bonuses, because each needs its own rule set. Let’s run through most common ones.

Wager requirements

There’s no better thing than starting off with an example. Say, you deposit 100 pounds and some casinos tops it to another 100 – you receive 200 pounds in total, which is a pretty handsome offer. But in order for you not to abuse the bonus system, the casinos asks to play through bonus topping 20 times, which is also a plausible requirement. In the long run, before withdrawing bonus money, you have to reach 2000 pounds. Just for the record, most venues follow this scheme and limit gamblers to some playthrough value.

Games included

On the other hand, you can easily come up with a wagering requirement by playing scratch games with high odds or sticking to Blackjack. Casinos understand this moment and therefore exclude a number of games from contribution. In other words, casinos do not allow you to play through some wager in high-staked or high-odded options so that you could not easily reach a required sum.

What’s out there?

So, now when you feel comfortable with rules about bonuses, it is high time to discuss kinds and types of promotions. And taking into account the variety here, we can easily drown in this pool of abundance. Let’s review only most frequent entries.

No Deposit

The simplest and the most popular one in any promotion section is no-deposit bonus which is usually offered to new members as a registration incentive. It is credited automatically right when you fulfill certain requirements. A major disadvantage to no deposits is that casinos tend to set a lot of limitations for them all the way down to restricting the maximum amount of bonus cash withdrawn even if you complete the playthrough benchmark.  


This one is often offered next to depositing. Casinos match your deposit with a specific percentage of a total deposit, and you can take advantage of employing extra cash. Welcome packages always contain most profitable matches like 200% or even 300%, but you cannot deposit millions of pounds and receive x3 millions back. Match bonuses have their own capacity like 200% up to 1000 pounds and so on.


Another common form of promoting active audience is through freespin bonuses. Sometimes casinos want to put forward specific slot machines and this is exactly the case for freespin toppings. Players are also asked to make a deposit, but instead of matching this sum with additional cash, casinos give a number of free rounds for certain machines. Playthrough requirements here can be extremely tough, depending on the number of spins given or a range of slots included in a promotion.


Casinos appreciate all sorts of bettors and that’s why they develop a unified ecosystem with layers to status each punter. This is commonly referred to as a loyalty program – something more or less resembling a ladder with different prizes on the way to the top. As you progress towards the apex, casinos start offering more exclusives to keep you going. Also, loyalty systems often include so-called ‘comp points’, virtual credits given for betting, which you can later on exchange for real money.

A little advice as a conclusion

Bonuses must be the first-visit page you look through before making any further steps because it is really going to influence your overall experience with a venue. Here’s a couple of advice to maximize working with bonuses:

  • T&C sections exhibit profound information on bonusing, and you won’t find all the details on promotion pages, so make sure to read through everything regarding a bonus before delving in it;
  • Always check your status within a loyalty program (if there’s one) to be aware of possible bonuses to claim;
  • Do not claim bonuses with extremely enormous wagering requirements – you won’t be able to play them through anyway.