NR Studios announces a unique exhibition and visual experience DotsToLines: Individualised, featuring work from internationally acclaimed Israeli tattoo artist and designer, Chaim Machlev, plus a one-off augmented reality installation, Jilted Perspective,  on view exclusively at three events across London: The V&A Design Festival, the London Tattoo Convention, and their East London gallery space.

For the first time in the UK, a series of metallic prints by Machlev and British photographer Ben Hopper of Machlev’s blackwork tattoo will be on display.

Each metallic print displays one of Machlev’s tattoo projects. While his clients’ bodies are darkened into negative images, the tattoos’ geometric patterns are revealed. The relationship between a specific tattoo design and curves of each client  is individualised.

In a special extension to the main exhibition, NR Studio will simultaneously host, Jilted Perspective: a unique viewing experience using the large-scale body artworks similar to those from DotsToLines: Individualised, in a way never previously attempted with augmented reality.

This exclusive augmented reality installation of body art overcomes the limits of two-dimensional images of the art form, inviting viewers to appreciate these aspects of body art with the aid of 21st century technology.

The augmented reality participant will be able to view the body artworks in 3D, passing through its form and seeing it from every angle.  The beauty of body art lies in its integration with the human form– it’s contours, organic lines, and diverse range of shapes.


DotsToLines: Individualised and Jilted Perspective will launch at NR Studios  6 Minerva Street, London, E2 9EH and will be open to the general public from 14th September to 30th November 2018 (10am-6pm).