Just a few weeks after New York Fashion Week the whole fashion world comes to London. We’ve visited some of the most interesting showrooms and discovery labs and this time will give you an overview of our favourite brands that are making the unique statement while not escaping the classic, chic or casual theme. Here you go, 8 brands that got our eyes to pop at this years London Fashion Week.

G u _ d e

Keeping in mind that these snake fabrics are so 2018, these bags are totally to die for. Korean brand presents these handcrafted bags at LFW18 that are total eye candies. Plus its practicality is beyond your dreams – you can change the stripes, and so the feel of the back can match your desired look. Perfection.

B i t e

Bite is a real bite that caught our eyes at the show. This brand started in 2016 and launched in 2018. authentic, chic, and truly sustainable means they not only create unique design but also care about the planet-earth we live in. Also Bite creates a limited edition items that are pieces of collaboration with the other artists. Must see, must touch, must wear

M a x i n e  

You can eat popcorns from my feet – once upon a time said a lady wearing these bold statement heels that are with  real popcorns on top. So pop and funky, that looks like you just came out of Tate Modern exhibition stand. Apart from these eye catching and artsy heels with digital prints on leather, they have a more classy and subtle collection to satisfy daily needs for comfort, elegance and style.

A l i g h i e r i   

Impossible to simple pass by and without stopping by these jewellery pieces. If you ever read Dante , you should connect the dots fast and easy. The founder was inspired by its writing and it awakened the desire to create a piece of jewellery for each  poem. It’s an apology to the past, the museum of memories that has been running the past 4.5 years. The story speaks for itself. We heart it.

G o y a

Goya is a brand that gots name to honour the founders grandma. Not only the name is caught our eyes, but the unique cuts, animal engraved leathers and the quality that shouts from afar. These shoes are so carefully crafted that it’s style is everything. Pure satisfaction for ones eyes and feet.

K a l d o

Discovery lab favourite. Kaldo has created a 5 scene set up where the action is happening live. And whatever they are doing you can’t help yourself but look at these stunning shoes. Chic, present and with a pinch of a strong female character. You already want to wear it.

C h r i s t ia n a j o h n e s

These glasses simply send you straight to number one. Apart from the fact that these are so  2018 , the colours are bright so its adds some spice to your outfit. Something more extravaganza looking.

C a v a n  macaperson

These designs smell of seaside and after sunset o’clock. Loosy fabrics dropping down and touching parts of the skin, subtle tones and the unique cuts create this feel of authentic romantic yet powerful self. Beautiful.