London is one of the most vibrant and culturally creative cities in the world. Diverse, and fused with a mix of influences, the city breathes art in all its forms.  Thanks to its past and its present London is a muse for creative artists and has been for centuries. The downside to London is that it is not easy to live there.  Incredibly high rents and house prices hit hard if you’re a struggling artist, arguably harder than they ever have before.

Therefore, finding ways to both save money and to some degree express yourself need to be found if you’re to allow your creativity to shine.  Repairing your vehicle rather than taking it to a workshop offers a way to do this.

Even if you have never repaired a car before you will be surprised at what you can do with a decent toolkit. Many repairs just involve replacing one a part or two. This is not that hard once you have pinpointed the fault. If all of this sounds a little daunting do not be put off. There are plenty of tutorials like this online to get you up and running.

One of the beautiful things about repairing your own vehicle is that it saves so much money.  Simple repairs that would have cost upwards of a £100 can be made for about £20. You just order the part and replace it and you’re good to go. This remarkable saving is made possible by not paying labour costs which drive up vehicle repair prices.

Once you have made a few repairs you’ll get to know your car better and how it works. This gives you the scope to put your own stamp on your vehicle. As your confidence grows you might get a little creative with your repairs to express your art. You have a nice big blank canvass with your car so why not fill it with your creativity?

This can take the form of personalising the interior of the car as well as the exterior. Arguably, this would be easier than the outside of your vehicle. Little sculptures can be put on the dashboard, seat covers can be made to get your message across. Imagination, which no doubt you have in abundance, goes a long way to turning a drab car interior into something that enthrals your passengers.

Once you’ve started repairing your own car you also have the advantage of being able to make repairs on the same day that you detect a fault. No need for your car to go into a garage for a day or two. Just get your hands on the part make the repair and it is time to hit the road.

Next time your vehicle goes wrong consider fixing it yourself. You’ll save so much money and this might lead to a new conduit for your art. The alternative is a massive expenditure and a lot of swearing. I know which one I prefer.