You must have always wondered what’s so special about gambling. What’s so special about table games? What’s so great about live dealers? And truth be told, we might have discovered the answer.

Ever since online casinos were first launched in the 90’s people were sceptical about the RNG (random number generator) system that was being used resulting in a general distrust in such websites. By the early years of 2000, one of the existing software developers brought into the scene comprehensive live dealing services for online casinos that were connecting the gamblers with the dealers. An extreme change that remodelled the way we see Live Casinos nowadays. The use of the live dealers allows players to feel more comfortable about their cards and money, knowing they’re in safe hands.

So what more does a Live Casino offer?


Every true gambler craves the feeling of a real casino. Enjoying human interaction and playing with a live dealer is the closest experience they can get to that. There are two types of rooms users can enjoy at a Live Casino: single rooms with only one table to minimize outside distraction and roomswith multiple tables where gamblers can enjoy the overall murmur of talking at other tables and the sound of shuffling cards or rolling balls as they have a chat with the dealer.In comparison to this, virtual table games are missing this experience that helps everything seem more realistic.


One of the most issued problems about the old table games was trust or, rather, the absence of it. Despite the fact the RNG programs are checked and tested for fairness, it is very common for the players to distrust them since the cards are not displayedwhile being shuffled. People can’t help but believe they’re being gypped.

Once the live dealers were introduced, gamblers started to finally enjoy the game from the comfort of their own home just like they would do in a brick-and-mortar establishment. It is reassuring that a human is handling the cards and in case anything goes wrong, players have video proof of malfeasance if they want to report it or take legal actions. Knowing everything is happening in real time helps users to put faith in the casino and its dealers.

Social interaction

Another aspect that the virtual games are lacking is the social interaction. The users can communicate with each other as well as with the dealerduring a live session. The dealers read the messages and respond accordingly. They know how to pay attention to their players in order to make them feel warm and fuzzy so it feels like the real deal, talking with everyone around.

Live Dealer casinos can be a lot of fun and, unlike land-based ones, they even come with different offers and perks. You might even find 10 no deposit casinos you can choose from and have the opportunity to play some of their games without spending a single coin. This wouldn’t be possible at a brick-and-mortar casino. The ability to play from home, to enjoy a fun time with real people, and to take advantage of great offers puts Live Dealer casinos among the top options for British players.