VR (virtual reality) reminds me of the early 1990’s when the internet first started becoming mainstream. The advent of online casinos and online roulette games took many by surprise and there were voices saying that Internet gambling has no future. One of the main reasons why so many people were reluctant to embrace the new gaming experience is that it lacked the social nature of brick-and-mortar games. Now that live dealer table games are widespread and poker rooms allow players to compete against each other, this obstacle is behind us. Virtual reality could be the next disruptive technology and many casinos already use it.

This technology is still in its infant stages, so online gambling operators have limited use for it. It was first tested on slots and players were generally happy with the way they were experiencing the spinning of reels. The next step is to use virtual reality in table games, such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. However, its biggest impact is likely to be at poker tables, where the ability to see and interact with your peers is far more important.

Bringing the Poker-Face Back

Online casinos are tinkering with VR and the ones that will release the first fully-fledged collection of virtual reality compatible games will win big. For the time being, the interactions are limited and players don’t enjoy a great deal of freedom, not even at live dealer table games. That’s because even though you get to see the croupier, you can only talk to him or her through the standard chat feature.

As virtual reality evolves and online casinos release more compatible games, people will be inclined to acquire VR headsets and check them out. Poker players will be able to enter a virtual casino and sit down at tables located in the most amazing environment. They could play in virtually any background, so the scenario will be so fascinating that some might even be distracted from the game. VR poker will empower players to meet their peers and sit next to them at any table, like they would in a brick-and-mortar venue.

This is likely to have a two-pronged effect, appealing primarily to poker players, but also regular people looking for company. Poker fans who feel lonely will hit two birds with one stone by playing at casinos using virtual reality at their tables. As long as the stakes are sensible, millions of new players could be convinced to give the games at trial. Ultimately, it is not far-fetched to expect players to be able to see each other and interact on many levels. When this will happen, online poker will have come full circle and the proverbial poker face will be a thing once again.

One Step Away from Virtual Reality Simulations

We live in a world and time where dismissing the possibility of technology making giant leaps forward is generally a big mistake. Virtual Reality is one of the techs likely to develop quickly, because there is a lot of interest from major companies in different fields. Online poker players could be the unintended beneficiaries of its development, since VR poker games will soon be implemented.

There are many ways in which online casinos could use the technology, ranging from predictable ones such as installing cameras to see your opponent’s faces, to some that sound a bit sci-fi. Players could be able to use their handsets to enter a virtual room where they will be joined by others from different countries and even continents. These games will be available on real and virtual currency just as today, so poker fans are decided they want to play for real or just have fun without taking any chances.

The possibilities are numerous and we only need to take a look at how the casino industry has evolved, to realize that this is not a far-fetched scenario. Virtual reality will be used on a broad scale and poker games won’t even be the focal point of attention, but the fans will surely have a lot of fun at the tables where it will be played.