There’s one thing you can say about the UK and that’s that it is packed full of history. As a result, this means there are numerous haunted and spooky places to visit all over the United Kingdom, which is ideal for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. Haunted places are some of the most visited in the UK, with many looking to catch a glimpse of the mysterious figures which are said to lurk in these locations.

Pendle Hill, Lancashire

If you’re into the paranormal and you love Halloween, there’s probably not a better place to be in Britain on October 31st. Pendle Hill in Lancashire is said to play home to the twelve Pendle Witches who were hanged in 1612 at the Lancaster Castle. Their bodies were said to have then been buried on Pendle Hill itself, which makes it one of the must visit haunted places in the UK. You could continue the witch related activities by playing mFortune’s Which Witch mobile game in the nearby pub that goes well with their exclusive witch related beverages.

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Many in the know claim that Berry Pomeroy castle is the most haunted place in Britain. Found in Devon, the castle’s current state is somewhat of a mystery, but in a way that adds to the unease it causes visitors. Berry Pomeroy itself is empty as a place, apart from a single café, but it still remains a must visit place. There are those who have claimed to see a Blue Lady, as well as a White Lady; but there is thought to be many more spooky inhabitants lurking in the walls. It’s no wonder it’s earned its title.

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is steeped in medieval history being over 500 years old and it’s not just any old history either, it’s royal history. There’s been plenty of bloodshed in relation to the inhabitants of Hampton Court Palace over the years, none more so than wives of King Henry VIII. Two of them are said to frequent Hampton Court Palace – Catherine Howard and Jane Seymour. The former was under house arrest before her execution and people claim to have seen her walking the halls dressed in all white.

Glasgow Necropolis

Anyone who knows anything about haunted places know that a cemetery is always going to be a place for ghoulish activity. The Glasgow Necropolis was built due to the huge demand for more cemeteries during the 19th century. There are believed to be in the region of 50,000 souls buried at the graveyard, which is said to also play home to a 7ft vampire which some believe to have killed local boys back in the 1950s. Still to this day, there are  often quite a few discussions about the Gorbals Vampire going on.

The Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn located in Gloucestershire gave itself the title of the most haunted house in Britain, and it’s easy to see why when you consider its history. At 873 years old, you could say that it has a long history, but it’s had a dark one too. A witch is said to have been burned to death there, as well as an old innkeeper’s daughter who was believed to have been hanged in the attic. If all that wasn’t enough, there are believed to have been murders of children take place, with their bodies being buried under the floor, making this place prime for paranormal activity.