Innovative ATM will appear in locations across the UK, with the first appearance in London’s Finsbury Avenue Square on 31st October, followed by appearances at a number of professional football clubs
eToro, the global investment platform, has created a unique singing-activated ATM that dishes out free bitcoin to people, but only when they sing directly to it.
The singing-activated ATM’s debut outing will be in celebration of the tenth anniversary of bitcoin. The singing-activated ATM will be giving away vouchers worth between £20 and £250 in bitcoin to successful singers that step up to its screen and create sweet harmony by singing all of the words of ‘happy birthday to you’ at the ATM.
The first of its kind song-activated ATM was made by a specialist team of computer programmers, tech experts and sound engineers. Using advanced audio and voice technology, the ATM detects when a specific melody is being sung to it, in this instance the song ‘happy birthday’ and the volume of the singing. A digital display on the ATM lets users know how loudly they are singing, whether they need to increase their volume and how much of the song they need to complete to activate the dispenser.
Publicly announced in 2008 in a white paper entitled Bitcoin: A peer to peer electronic cash system written by an anonymous developer called Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, allowing people to send and receive payments from one party to another without going through a financial institution. Whilst eToro’s innovative ATM celebrates the ground-breaking 10-year history of bitcoin, the musical machine also looks to the future, encouraging people to explore the possibilities of a currency designed for the digital age. 
Following its appearance at Finsbury Avenue Square, eToro will be taking it’s innovative karaoke cash machine to football clubs across the country where fans will have the chance to belt out their favourite football club chants at the singing-activated ATM for a chance to gain bitcoin rewards.