The modern world of online casinos offers many opportunities, which a few years ago, players could only dream of. Thousands of various slots at that you can experience an unlimited number of times in free mode, before you decide to put a money rate. All sorts of bonuses for beginners from online casinos themselves, which allow to overcome the psychological barrier of the first bet not to be afraid to take risks, where it is justified. Today, before start playing, gamblers have complete freedom to choose how and where to do it. From this point of view, we can say that the players and casinos have become almost equal in rights – now everything is really in our hands, and any barriers are forever erased. Meanwhile, the breadth of choice creates a new dilemma: how to choose a slot among such diversity, which is likely to bring success. Indeed, even despite all the bonuses, the right to make mistakes is still limited and no one wants to lose even small bets. In this article we will talk about the main parameters for which you should make a choice before playing online slot machines. At a minimum, they will significantly narrow the search for the desired slot.

Visible characteristics: functional, odds, rates

Start costing with visible characteristics that are present in the description of any gaming machine. Moreover, they need to be assessed exclusively in the aggregate, without being tempted to any one high figure. The visible characteristics include functionality (the number of game lines and reels), the size of the bet, the odds and the maximum gain. Immediately, we note that you should not look for miracles – free cheese is only in a mousetrap. But the optimal ratio is quite possible to find. If we are talking about the drums, then there are almost always 5 of them, in rare cases – 3. Therefore, this criterion can be safely put out of the brackets. But the number of lines is a very important indicator. In classic slots there are from 3 to 9, whereas in modern slot machines you can meet from 25 to 50 lines.

But one should remember how important it is to take into account a set of indicators. Therefore, a large number of lines does not mean that the slot is better. It all depends on what bet can be placed on each line. The acceptable range is from $ 0.01 (the lowest bid) to $ 5. Sometimes you can meet slots with stakes up to 30, 50 and even $ 100 per line: here you should also be careful. As a rule, such generosity is compensated by low coefficients. So, to win a large amount, you need to take more risks. For slots with a large number of lines, the maximum ratio is considered acceptable at the level of 1000-3000. For classic slots, this indicator should be significantly higher: from 5,000, since fewer lines mean that the jackpot combination should fall on almost all reels. And this is much less likely.

Hidden indicators

Thus, we have moved to the probability of winning, one of the key hidden indicators. This value you will not find in the official description of the slot, but it is easy to determine, after reading a few reviews (including on our website), which are based on the experience of the players. In gaming machines, the probability of winning is determined by the RTP indicator – the probability of returning the win. Here it is important to understand one important point: the RTP will always be below 100% (otherwise the slot will be a loss to the casino), so in the long run, if you play the same machine, you always lose. RTP is considered to be normal from 95% to 97%, very rarely values ​​up to 99%, but no more.

Despite the fact that the casino is always the winner, your task is not to become the player who earns the casino. To do this, you need to correctly calculate the time of exit from the game. In addition to completely turning off emotions (this is the main task for any player), you need to know which cycle a slot has – fast, medium or long. This information is also abundant in professional reviews, just pay attention to their relevance, because developers and casinos also do not sit still, regularly updating game algorithms.

Finally, the last important indicator is the variance or, in other words, the frequency of lunge of a winning combination. And here, too, it is important to understand one catch: the lower the variance, the fewer coefficients the symbols on the drums will bring. And vice versa – there are slots that behave extremely unpredictable. In them all the evening you can spin idles, and on the 20th or 30th time you can almost hit the jackpot. The level of variance should determine your bet size – the higher it is, the lower the rates should be, because a high ratio will sooner or later do its job even at minimum rates.

Making a conclusion

Modern gambling machines and slots are distinguished by their plots, interesting themes and other features. Many players believe that it is with the selected and proven slot that they are most lucky. If you think also, you need to make the right choice in favor of the best application for your active game. First of all, you need to decide on a suitable gaming club, in which you will find the widest choice of slots, various applications, game modes and much more. Weekly on the sites there are new slots. Do not forget to test them, perhaps one of the applications will lead you to success and help win the jackpot. Place your bets at any convenient time, not only at home, but also from a working computer, when 15-20 minutes of free time appeared. Today there are even applications that can be played from a smartphone.