Bingo is a classic way of gambling that you will come across in places ranging from private functions to charity events to town squares all the way to online sites. At present, anyone can enjoy this game on their phone, and sites with the most popular bingo networks in the UK are here to help you get the most out of it. Here, you can find tips on how to play, what to avoid when playing, the sites with the best rewards as well as the benefits of being part of a network. There are tons of resources for you.

It could be that you have only heard of the game but are yet to get into playing it as you have no clue where to begin. Here are some rules to help you out when playing the game, whether you are doing so in a casino, in a hall or an online site. You will have all you need to take the winnings home.

Getting started

Learning how to play this game is relatively easy, and all you have to do is keep an eye on the numbers. The numbers get drawn at random until a player can cross off a pattern as soon as they get called or when they appear on a screen when playing online. The winning patterns can be in any direction ranging from vertical to diagonal to horizontal or another shape.

When playing online, the casino software chooses the numbers for you. However, you can always change the figures if you are unhappy with the results. You can also change the colours in the settings and choose to daub on your own or have it done by the software.

The cards are where all the action takes place. You will find that the cards go for similar amounts and that you can buy as many as you wish. The numbers 1-75 appear on the tickets, and they are on different columns for ease of location. In the middle, there is a free space. If you have ever seen a scene where people are playing bingo, you know that a player wins by crossing off the numbers in the given pattern and yelling that they have won. When playing online, the software detects your win automatically.


There are many versions that you will find online other than the 75-ball. The 90-ball is quite popular in Europe and Australia, and it comprises nine columns and three rows with numbers 1 to 90. The 80-ball has 4*4 squares and is quite a favourite in online sites. The 30-ball, on the other hand, is quite easy to play and it features a 3*3 card.


You start by purchasing the tickets. For a beginner, the best thing is to start with one or two cards. If you have no qualms about losing some money in the process in the name of fun, go ahead and grab many tickets. In this way, you will increase your chances of winning, and you will also have much more fun.

When playing in a hall, the game starts once the caller calls out the first number. The process continues as the caller gets balls from a ball blower and shouts the figures to the crowd. When playing online, the value will appear on the screen.

Once a caller calls out a number, players proceed to mark that figure on their cards if they can find it on their cards. Usually, they do this by using a dauber. When playing online, you can choose to do the marking yourself, or you can delegate this task to the software. If you are marking the cards, you should be quick if you have more than one bingo card to ensure that you do the marking before the next number appears.

As the number appearing/ calling continues, you should have your eyes on all your cards to ensure that you do not have a complete line or pattern. If you find that you have marked five announced numbers in a row in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal manner, you can call out bingo. The first person to do this wins the game. For online games, the casino software will do this for you.

It is essential that you call out loudly on seeing the winning pattern. Failure to do so will lead to another number getting drawn, and this will invalidate your win. Winning at the same time with someone else means that you have to share the wins. It is vital that you note that each game has its set of rules and you should research on the same before playing.

If you wish to get in on the fun, there are tons of places where you can start. An ideal website would be Top New Bingo Sites where you will find tons of tips on gameplay and patterns. All the best of luck!