Grab your craft supplies because Christmas is just around the corner. This is the perfect time of year to show off your personality and create some fun decorations. Beautiful baubles and fun centrepieces are incredibly simple to make, so why not get the whole family involved? Here are five festively easy ways to make fun Christmas décor to give you some inspiration.

1. Christmas centrepiece

For an easy Christmas centrepiece, start off with a small but wide hurricane lamp. If this type of candle jar isn’t readily available, you can reuse an old vase of a similar style. Sprinkle some icy-looking fake snow at the bottom until a visible layer builds up – you can find out how to make your own eco-friendly fake snow here. Place a thick white candle in the centre of the vase so you know how much space you have to decorate. Lightly spray some pine cones and holly leaves with artificial snow spray and arrange them around the candle until you’re happy. You can leave this as it is or grab some of your favourite natural decorations, such as dried orange and bright cranberries to add some vibrancy. This centrepiece is effective and classy but simple to create, making it the perfect addition to the table.

2. Mini sleds

Replace traditional baubles with some easy DIY additions. To make adorable mini sleds from ice-lolly sticks, you’ll need some wood glue, wood stain, paint, twine, glue dots and two regular sized sticks and five smaller ones per sled. These can be reused from old treats or bought from most craft suppliers. To find out how to make these adorable sleighs, click here. Remember to personalise your homemade ornaments and make them your own by digging into your craft supply stash.

3. Poured paint ornaments

You’ll want to rush and grab your art materials when it comes to creating these modern poured paint ornaments. This method creates beautifully artistic and unique baubles that are sure to capture any guest’s attention. Start by pouring layers of paint into a plastic cup – avoid mixing the paint, as the layers should create a marbled look rather than blending together. Get a Styrofoam ball that is the size of your ideal bauble and insert a wooden skewer into it. Hold the ball over a bucket to protect your floor and slowly pour the paint from the plastic cup, turning the skewer to cover the entire ball as you go. Once you’ve used up all the paint, rotate the skewer to move the paint and ensure it is completely covered. If you spot some bare patches, simply get a clean skewer and carefully move some paint around. Keep the freshly painted ball on the stick and allow to full dry overnight. Finally, add a piece of wire to create a hanging loop, add some twine or ribbon and hang up. Redo the process however many times you want to create multiple arty baubles.

4. Christmassy candle holders

The Christmas season is the perfect time to reuse old bottles and jars. If you have some old wine bottles laying around, turn them into Christmassy candle holders. Simply clean out the bottles and remove the labels using some soapy water. Wrap and glue some metallic wrapping paper around the centre and pop a red or white candle into the top before adding some accessories to give it the festive feel. Why not try wrapping some red or green ribbon around the wrapping paper or a light spray of snow spray to set the scene?

5. Music-themed tree decoration

Stars are a much loved symbol of Christmas – as is the music that accompanies the period. So why not incorporate your favourite songs with this traditional shape for a music-themed tree decoration? These decorations are surprisingly easy to make using corrugated cardboard and can use sheet music for your favourite hymns and songs for the season. Find out how to make them here.